T minus 9

One week and 2 days before the other knee gets replaced.  I am so glad.  It’s so painful all the time.  Every movement hurts.  I saw the doctor this week for my pre surgical appointment and he took xrays that I’m not going to share here, but just rest assured that it was ugly.  Bone on bone throughout the entire knee.  I’m sure it’s my imagination but the pain seems worse since I saw the xray.

We talked about this surgery and you might recall that the last surgery had a little glitch in the recovery room where my body had metabolized the epidural, and the pain was increasing and my room wasn’t ready and they said they couldn’t give me pain meds in recovery and they needed my doctor’s permission.  I’m sure the doc was back in surgery, and I never believed the bit about not giving pain meds in recovery.  Isn’t that what recovery is all about????

At any rate, my surgeon acknowledged that people do metabolize medication at different rates and that when I was coming out of the OR into the recovery room he would make sure that they gave me some pain mediation right at that time.  I was much relieved to hear that – it was the only thing that I was really reticent with having another surgery.  Other than that, I am ready to face this head on and I look forward to when I will not limp when I walk and when I can actually set out with my dog on a 2 mile walk.

That comes closer with each day that passes.


Knees and Caterpillars

Well it appears that the cortisone shot I got in my left knee during March has worn off. The pain  has become pretty intolerable and yesterday I did too much housework and then went to dinner and a concert last night so my knee was throbbing when I got home and interrupted my sleep.  I visited my primary care physician this week who said that the knee is pretty bad. I have a cyst in my knee.  He didn’t elaborate but I’m pretty sure it’s a baker’s cyst because I’m a perfect candidate for one.  He said I need to get a new knee and I promised I would, but needed about 8 months to get through a busy spell.

I did speak to the rheumy’s office on Friday and they are going to arrange for an injection of sodium hyaluronate i.e. Supartz or Synvisc.  I have had both in my right knee and it’s been holding up very well.  I am hoping to get similar relief in the left knee at least until next spring and I’m gearing up for a knee replacement in the spring.  Hopefully it works because the pain is incredible and I’ve been taking 2 – 3 vicodins per day, which I guess for acute pain isn’t all that bad, but is a no no for chronic pain.gypsy-moth-caterpillar

We are having an influx of gypsy moth caterpillars where I live in RI.  The caterpillars showed up en mass almost 2 weeks ago – they were EVERYWHERE.  They crawled up the house into the eaves, they climbed up the trees and they were on the bikepath.  Now they are munching and leaving little clusters of leaf debris along with their excrement.  Many of the trees are bare and they chewed a beautiful crabapple tree in our back yard.  We drove to dinner and a show last night through the woods and there were areas where there were no leaves at all.

It rained last night which just made it more of a mess – Mr. Phat used to blower in the yard yesterday to get rid of everything and today it’s back again.  I’m told that they will be here until about July 4th which is discouraging.  The devastation to the forests in this area could be pretty significant.

So I’m finishing up this post so I can go vacuum the kitchen area and the front door again because you can’t help bringing in a bit of crap when you step inside.  Happy Sunday Folks.