So I strapped on the skis this morning and started my season, remembering that it was two years ago Thanksgiving weekend that I realized it was not possible to put off having my knees replaced.

I did grab a couple days of late spring skiing in April and today I was reminded of how great it is to ski without knee pain!  It was truly a wonderful feeling to carve down the hill, with the wind in my sails, smiling up at the sky.  We’ve had some early snow in ski country in New England and conditions were really good for the first weekend open.   It was so good that it got crowded and I decided not to chance it and that 90 minutes was a good first outing.

Looking forward to doing this again in  couple weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.   It’s small business Saturday.  I’m heading out to a local store to do some shopping!

6 thoughts on “Skiing

  1. I hope you have been on the slopes a lot this month! I love your frosty picture! My husband has been out almost every day the hill has been open. With my RA, I think I will stick to snowshoeing! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. P!.

    • Cathy, Merry Christmas. I have not been back. Yet. My husband has been quite sick and until this week we have been searching for a diagnosis. We hope we are a step closer to knowing what he has, and once that happens I will be back on the slopes regularly. Can’t wait!!!

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