RA Blog Week Epic Fail


I failed RA Blog Week.  I knew I should have said no last week because I knew that it was going to be difficult to keep up.  But I really enjoy the sharing that occurs during RA Blog week.  These are my friends that share my chronic illness. They know what I’m going through, and I know what they have to deal with each and every day.

I’m not sure how it is that I make it through my days lately.  Work is soooo busy.  It’s a good thing.  The past few years were unhappy work years and a year ago they moved me to a new team and I have soared!  It’s so fun to feel successful again at work and to be recognized and to know that I can do it.  But it’s hectic and stressful and this week I had a difficult situation with a long standing client that definitely challenged me.  I questioned whether I was cut out to continue doing this work.  I really asked those questions as I struggled with my situation.

The situation is only half resolved, but I’m pushing through it.  Which is what I do every day of my life with RA.  I push.  I got this.

In keeping with RA Blog week – I’ll give you a few things that certainly help me get through my days.  I have a great support system.  Mr. Phat is incredible in understanding what I deal with.  I have good friends that know I have limitations and that I have good and bad days.  I have my fellow Bloggers.  They really get it, they support me and encourage me to move on.

I have a great set of doctors.  I can typically get in to see them on the same day if I need to.  I have access to medication and can afford to pay for it.  I am not at all reliant on pain meds any longer after having my knees replaced and I am thankful for that.  The whole pain med arena is so difficult nowadays – chronic pain patients struggle with getting the meds that they’ve used responsibly for years.

I am a medical marijuana advocate.  I think that if properly understood and used, MM can be a life saver for chronic pain patients.  I have a CBD oil that I use for my painful joints and it does help alleviate the pain and calm me down.  I’ve been an insomniac for years and recently realized that the benadryl and melatonin I was taking made me much more restless than sleepy.  I’ve been taking half a CBD gummy most nights and sleeping far better than anytime in my adult life.

I want to thank Rick Phillips of  RA Diabetes.  for putting RABlog week together – it’s an incredible event to share with fellow chronically challenged patients.

5 thoughts on “RA Blog Week Epic Fail

  1. I know the feeling Leigh — I did manage three posts but really meant to do five. Also manic at work as I’d just got back from hols,and now I’ve gone down with my second cold of the year. Never mind – as you say, we can push through! I hope your work situation is resolved very soon.

  2. Leigh, no need to apologize. RDBlog week is a total no stress event. Do one, do none, do all five – the key is to have fun. Thank you for participating and the shout out. I love blog week so I am always happy when someone else enjoys it

  3. I’m glad you are excited about and thriving in your job. It sounds like your support system gets you through the tough times. After the tricky situation is resolved, I can imagine there is some satisfaction working it through. (At least you participated in Blog Week! My family situation didn’t allow any opportunity to join the fun. Hopefully next year!)

    • Thanks for your kind words Cathy. My job has been a life saver to me this year as we struggle with my husband’s health issues. We are still searching for good answers and hope to get them. That has been challenging, so if the bully that was President of my office was still there, I am not sure that I would be handling things as well as I am.
      Hang in there. Keep grieving and moving forward.

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