Annual Fall Celebrations

Good morning friends.  Hope your Thanksgiving was pleasant and peaceful.  We had a busy weekend with family and were happy on Sunday afternoon to sit and watch football.  However, by Monday morning it was obvious that I needed to see my doctor because I’d been coughing for 10 days and it wasn’t getting better.  He diagnosed my annual fall upper respiratory infection with bronchitis.  I’m home on the couch with my Zpak and cough syrup with codeine.  Still coughing but maybe a bit better.

We took our annual trip to Chicago this fall and I was proud of my steps on one of the days.  7.45 miles with a knapsack on my back.


I walked the whole city that day and not only did it feel good, I felt great the next day as well.  So I think that the knees are healing very nicely.  Ski season opened over the weekend (another fall annual tradition), and I hope to hit the easy slopes late February for some skiing.

Mr. Phat’s heart has strengthened and he’s feeling better in that respect.  Two heart procedures, an extended hospital stay and new medications and he’s doing very well.  However, he still has nerve pain on the left side of his body.  We thought he had Lyme Disease, but now we’re not so sure.  We’re thinking it’s some degenerative discs in his neck and back.  We’ve seen a pain management specialist and see a spine specialist later this week.  Seems we are finally on the right road for him after many many months of searching.  Let’s hope.



5 thoughts on “Annual Fall Celebrations

  1. So much positive news! I know you’re probably still feeling like crud with the respiratory thing and concerned about your husband’s condition, but things are sounding so much better than they were. Sending you hugs for the holidays!

    • Carla – we are moving forward with my husband’s issues after a good doctor visit yesterday and we have a path. All good. And yes, I’m still coughing but it’s saturday and I have a light day planned and will be happy to spend time next to the wood stove catching up on correspondence.

  2. I loved your description of the long, active day in Chicago and then feeling fabulous the next day! And I hope you do get to ski this year! My family just walked in the door from skiing. I haven’t skied for two years now. Tell me about the easy slopes!!! You provided some happy thoughts tonight! Thanks!

    • Cathy – I can’t complain these days about how I feel. A little pain in my wrist in the AM, but after that clears up I’m good. I can’t wait to try a little skiing, but my goal is to wait until after a family wedding in mid February. Just because. Happy new Year.

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