RA Blog Week 2017 – Partners


Where would we be without our partners?  What a great question.  Today’s #RABlog week post is about our partners.  I had almost 10 years of living with RA when I met my husband so I had a groove going.  He knew I had a medical hiccup but it didn’t phase him.  He had nursed his sick wive for 4 years before she passed, so he was well versed on illness.  And heck, I didn’t look sick!  I went to the gym, walked his dog and skied.

Four months into our relationship I had a terrible ski accident and he took care of me for the next 4 months at his house.  But I came back better than ever and we spent a number of years being very busy with life, and work.  We skied every winter, including 5 trips with our group to Europe to ski.

March of 2016 was when I went downhill a bit – my knees were slowly falling apart.  Mr. Phat, as I call him, drove me to doctor visits when I couldn’t drive, he picked up meds for me and he would be the one to take the stairs to the basement.  It never phased him, he never groaned or said “I have to go down again.”  He willingly did anything that I couldn’t.

The support that I have consistently received from him continued this year when I decided to have my knee replaced.  I underestimated the pain I would experience due to the stoppage of my RA meds for a month around the surgery.  I cried a lot of mornings and he would take care of me with ice packs, coffee, food and meds.  He took care of anything that needed to be taken care of.   A few weeks after the first total knee replacement, I confidently decided that I wanted to have the other knee replaced.  So eleven weeks after the first surgery, I had the second surgery.  Even when I ended up back in the hospital 3 weeks after surgery for some bleeding, he was calm, cool and took care of my every need.

Not sure how I got so lucky.  I always say that you get what you give.  We both put each other first which is what I believe a partnership should be.  I don’t think I could have gone through two surgeries so close together without him.  We are blessed.


7 thoughts on “RA Blog Week 2017 – Partners

  1. Wow, you really are a skier. i would love to ski Europe again. I would love to go back again. I am happy that you found someone to share so much with. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Karen – when you read “Hobbies” tomorrow you’ll really know what a skier I am. Yes I became a skier shortly after meeting my first husband who had just learned to ski. THen he hurt himself and couldn’t ski, but I kept at it. when I was single, everyone said I needed to find a skier. Which I said wasn’t the case – I needed to find someone that would let me ski. Fortunately I hooked up with a former ski bum and re-introduced him, which was pretty easy because he’s athletic and wears the same size shoe as me.

    Where have you been in Europe.

  3. I’ve got one of those too! We are very blessed. I don’t want to be this needy–but it is what it is! I’m glad we have our wonderful partners. How are you recovering now? Good I hope! Hate I missed that you were going through so much!

  4. I am in the middle of helping my mom through her first of two knee replacements, and she doesn’t have RA. I had a lot of respect for you before, Leigh, but now that I can see the recovery process first-hand, I have a mountain of respect for you. You are one tough cookie! And I’m glad you and Chris have each other!

    • Lisa, thanks for your kind words. I’m a lot younger than your Mom, so that’s a factor. It wasn’t always a picnic but now I’m so glad
      I did what I did. As for Chris and I? I had such good role models in you and Bob! Continued good rehab for your Mom

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