Saturday musings


I’m vacuuming as I write this.  Seriously.  I purchased a Roomba earlier this summer.  We had given one to my parents at Christmas. They’re hard to buy for and my husband hit on the idea, we researched and bought it for them.  And they love it.  They talk about it regularly – I think mom called it an amazing little machine.  So I had some coupons and gift cards and I bought one.  We also love it.  My kitchen floor has never been so clean.  We dock it in the kitchen in a corner and Mr. Phat will start it up when he takes the dog for a morning walk and shuts it when they come home.  A large part of my house is one level and I can vacuum the 40 foot long great room, the bath room and the office at the same time.

I’m not sure why I started out talking about my roomba except to say that as I’ve gotten older, it makes sense to find ways to make our lives easier.  I still have a full time job and I’m not ready to give it up, so I can’t get to house and yard work like I used to.  Mr. and I know that we really need to hire landscapers to help with the yard if we are going to stay living in our home for the future.  I’ve thought about a maid service, but the roomba helps out and our house is small – I can keep the house fairly clean.

I just ordered a telescoping window cleaning set that was marked down to 1/3 the price. It hooks to the hose and helps clean the windows while you stay on the ground.  I can definitely use a tool like that.  Now if only I can find one that will clean the gutters!

I’m feeling good.  The knees are really almost pain free.  I’m walking about 7000 steps a day and haven’t had a chance to increase it.  I need to carve a little more time out of my day for walking to get to 10,000.  My RA is better, but I still ache in the shoulders, wrists and fingers each morning.  Increasing my dose of Methotrexate has definitely helped ease the RA pain.

I’m glad I’m feeling better because Mr. has lyme disease.  Sadly his is the classic misdiagnosed case.  We live in the woods.  There are ticks everywhere.  He’s had tick bites and has found them on him, but never had a classic bulls eye.  He did have a rash last year that the doctor said was excema but we don’t think that now.   He’s felt lousy since February and we kept asking the doctor about lyme.  He had several negative lyme tests back and our primary care sent us to the cardiologist, the urologist, the neurologist and then wanted us to see a rheumatologist.  We saw a lyme specialist instead who said that the mainstream medical community is missing the boat on lyme.  According to him, it’s an epidemic and they won’t acknowledge it exists unless you get a positive lyme test.  The lyme test protocols are 40 years old.  The disease doesn’t follow the same pattern.  It’s very frustrating and debilitating.  Mr. started an antibiotic, supplement regimen and we are hoping for some improvement soon.

That’s my update for today.  It’s raining hard here so I can do some work inside and read my book about Lyme Disease.  Have a great day and weekend friends.


10 thoughts on “Saturday musings

  1. Glad the knees are finally better and the roomba sounds like fun! When I went back to work full time in 2010, the first thing I did was get someone to clean my house once a month. Best thing I ever did! My house is cleaner than it was when I was home…hate to clean!
    Sorry about the Lyme, hope the antibiotics do the job! So true what the doctor told you about testing. Lyme was a disaster for my daughter back in 2013, coinfections made it even worse!

    • I talked about a maid for years, but never did it. Mr. works from home a lot and we have a dog and I just thought that I can handle it. And I really can, although it would be nice to have someone in a couple times a year for spring and fall cleaning. Maybe. Coinfections – yes – it all stinks. Have a nice day Karen and thanks for reading.

  2. So glad you’re doing well and finding solutions to nitty-gritty problems like vacuuming …but so sorry about Mr P! I do hope the antibiotics sort it! Full-time work is hard, with RA! Even though mine is super-mild, if I didn’t work for myself I don’t know how I’d cope! Good on you for managing it!

    • I am in sales. I can work from home, I can be flexible to a certain extent. If I had a full time office or labor intensive job, there is no way I still would be working full time. I have some days that are stressful and events that can stress me out, but for the most part, I manage pretty well.

  3. So glad you’re doing so great! 7K steps! that’s wonderful – especially with low pain levels. Congratulations. Glad you finally got the diagnosis on the lyme disease and hope that the antibiotics help out the Mr. Hopefully both of you will be back 100% soon.

  4. Oh, I want one. I think they are an amazing idea, now if I can find a good reason my wife wants one. Why do I want one so badly? Are you kidding I would get hours of entertainment watching my little pup chase it around.

    By the way, she entertains me chasing hot air balloons as well. Nine years and not one hot air balloon attack on my house, not even one.

    • I was texting with a friend yesterday while we were having a thunderstorm. I told her my dog was in my lap shaking. She recently lost her mastiff but said that when it stormed, he would bark and bark, like he was protecting them.

      And for the record, my jack russell is very wary of the roomba……

    • Mine is running right now. I do live in the woods and we’ve had a lot of spiders this year. So I did just have to take out the vacuum and get the edges and the walls and top of the heat registers where roomba doesn’t get. But all in all, it’s a real time saver. They accept the 20% coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond on it which is how I got mine.

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