Rainy Saturday

The summer rain is falling pretty hard this morning.  I hear it on the skylights.  I’m very happy for the rain because I don’t feel like I have to rush and do anything.  Rather I can lounge on the couch over coffee with my computer and give you an update on my knee and my RA and my weight.  After all, this is a blog that started about an overweight, 50 something woman with RA.

After the pity party post from 2 weeks ago, I did rally.  I always rally.  As a matter of fact, one of these days I’m not going to be able to rally, and I wonder what happens then.  I’m back at work and it’s exhausting and painful, but I manage to get through most of the day.  The knee seemed to be at a standstill for a time, and as a matter of fact last week one morning it got excrutiatingly painful again and I went to see the doctor.  I could barely walk into his office.  It was 30 minutes before he could see me in which time the pain and inflammation subsided a bit.  He told me that it was going to take time and patience and maybe I was doing too much and had gone back to work too soon.

Well you tell that to my clients, but I did listen to him and I’ve moderated a bit.  I make sure to elevate and ice my knee regularly.  I’ve worn the compression sock occassionally which helps.  I also had a huge revelation.  Because of the pain and discomfort and my inability to sleep I’d been taking 2 advil pm’s at night.  Which is a blood thinner, so I wasn’t helping my situation in the least by doing that.  The morning I ended up back in his office I had also taken 2mg of Prednisone to put the RA at bay and I believe that contributed to the pain and inflammation that morning.

I’m walking about 5000 steps each day, trying to get the right blend of activity and rest.  I’ve started doing mini squats to help strengthen my thighs.  I swear that some day soon I’m going to wake up and feel like I did before this bleeding episode.

On a lighter, funnier note, this week was wellness day at my office.  My company participates in wellness programs at work and in order to get the preferred co pay levels, I am required to participate.  I have a Virgin Pulse app on my phone that I track certain items with, I do competitions with coworkers and read helpful hints each morning.  Participating employees must complete a health screening either at their doctor’s office or at one of the screening days at the office.  So I did that this week.  My glucose and cholesterol were great!! My blood pressure was a tad high but I was in pain that morning.  However, I’ve lost 20 pounds since last year.  I knew I had lost weight, but didn’t know how much.  I was pretty psyched about that.  However, the BMI chart states that I am still obese.

Sigh.  I can’t win.  But perhaps I can lose 20 more by next year and get below 30 for my BMI.

Have a nice week everyone.  Stay strong and positive.


6 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday

  1. You so totally rock. Sometimes when we feel bad or don’t live up to our own expectations, it’s hard to understand how well we are really doing. RA is hard. Knee replacement surgery is hard. Going back to work after recovering from surgery is really, really hard. (Just being “up” all day is tough.) Great news on the weight loss and the great lab results. Trust me, the road in front of you is not nearly as hard as what you’ve just come through. Be nice to yourself. Be patient. Be proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Sending hugs!

    • Carla, I just love you for always saying the right thing. And you know it from personal experience. I know that in reality I’m doing pretty good for 7 weeks tomorrow. Onward and upward.

  2. Well the stories of knee replacements and complications positively scare me.. my last ortho appointment rings true with…. SOONER OR LATER YOU NEED THOSE BONE ON BONE 🍖 KNEES REPLACED!!!! Yeah right!!!!! Not until I can’t stand them… that’s for sure… that’s a long hard road you have suffered with… I’ll pass!!!! Glad to hear the journey is getting better.. stay strong.. you are entitled to curse that damn RA EVERY DAY!!!

    • Honestly, with the setbacks and issues, I’m very glad I replaced my knees. My day to day pain was excrutiating enough and interfered with everything. I was bone on bone and the doctor had no clue how i was able to walk. I’m 7 weeks out and hopefully headed in the right direction

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