I’m not Wonder Woman

I’m done.  Really, that’s how I feel.  I’m totally done with sitting on my couch, being in pain, burning incisions and watching life pass me by.  I expected to rebound from last week’s setback a bit quicker than I have.  I still have major pain and stiffness in the newest knee that was doing so good until the joint filled with blood.  I have taken a couple of longer walks, but the knee is still stiff.  By yesterday I felt like I just wanted to have a good old cry, but I didn’t give in.

My return to my RA meds was delayed by a week due to the setback last week and that hasn’t helped.  I can manage three weeks off the meds, but then after that, the pain is excrutiating and it takes several weeks for the meds to kick back in when I restart them.  I started them Thursday, so they won’t reach full effect for another week and a half at least.  Which means the pain in my joints in the morning is strong.  I thought the knees were the worst of the RA joints, and replacing would rid my body of RA, but that’s not the case at all.  My shoulders, wrists and fingers hurt daily.

The weather hasn’t been conducive to someone with inflamed joints either.  It’s been raining like heck here for 2 weeks.  The morning might be sunny, but then the rain comes.  Today and tomorrow are just rain.  No sun.  I felt better when I saw two friends post on facebook last night about pain in their joints due to the weather.

Yes, I’m whining.  It’s totally not my style.  I promise this is the very last of my whining.


9 thoughts on “I’m not Wonder Woman

  1. Damn. Just read your BLOG!!! Sure sounds to me you have the right to WHINE… an PISS an MOAN!!! So discouraging…. sure hope the damn sun pokes its lazy ass face out soon and brings some warmth to those tired ol joints… food for THOUGHT!!!!! Life is not passing you by… it is just waiting for you to CATCH UP!!!!

    • Thanks. I was coasting along with this surgery. Had the staples out and the doc marveled at my progress. I felt great. Then wham.

      I have to remind myself that today is 4 weeks and 1 day. That’s all. And it’s 49 degrees out and rainy and the woodstove is on.

  2. I wish I could drop by with a good book and a bottle of wine for you. I hope that each day brings a bit more healing your way.
    And a little sunshine too!
    (I am glad the snow should be done for the year. May 18 brought ten inches)

    • Karen – thank you. I’m better today, both pain wise and attitude wise. Yesterday all of it just got to me. I also need to remember that I’m 4 weeks and 1 day out. That’s all.

      10 inches of snow on the 18th? Oh my. It’s June 6th here and we lit the woodstove as it’s rainy and cold.

  3. I’m with Christine – you have a right to whine, and sometimes that’s the way to go! I really hope you’re up and about and tons better soon, but ax you said it’s only been 4 weeks …and it WILL be fine. And once the meds kick back in you’ll have your shoulders, wrists and fingers under control again. Hang on on there!

  4. Drats! I’ve been out on vacation and had hoped when I saw that you had posted that you were out running marathons by now (or at least turning cartwheels). Yes, you’ve had a setback but you’re right, it’s only been about five weeks. In terms of joint replacement surgery, even though you’re smack in the middle of being tired of dealing with recuperation, you’re still short of literally being back on your feet. Sorry that RA and the weather and lack of drugs have all conspired to make this worse. Absolutely whine all you want. 🙂 But based on your previous experience I have great faith you’ll make it through this and will do wonderfully. Sending hugs to help you through this crappy time.

    • Thanks Carla. I hope you had a wonderful, restful vacation. We all need to whine and that I did. I have turned a corner and while I have pain and stiffness, I am starting to feel better, move more and participate in activities a little. The weather also has improved and it’s beautiful today as we sit with the grandkids while their parents go enjoy a date day

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