Monday, Monday

Good morning friends.  I’m doing fine except for the itching!!! It’s driving me nuts!! I have been itchy since the second day in the hospital, right on the incision, around the incision and all over my body.  Benadryl doesn’t really help, half a pain pill helps when it’s really bad, and mindfulness works only to a point.  Naturally it’s at it’s worst when I lay down, so sleep has been elusive of late.  My fitbit says I’m sleeping about 4 hours a night.  No wonder I’m tired during the days.

Three more days and the staples come out and I cannot wait!!


8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. It’s nice to hear you complain about itching and not intolerable pain, although I’m not sure which is worse. Of course itching is a sign of healing which can be good. When I had back surgery, itching was a sign that I had developed an allergy to dermabond. 🙂 Hopefully losing the staples will help. This, too, shall pass and you’ll be so much better! Hugs.

    • Thanks Carla. I was busier today so I didn’t notice as much and hopefully that will translate to being more tired tonite. Then it’s tomorrow and only one more day!!! Yay!!!

  2. Irma – thanks. I was doing well until yesterday afternoon when I had a “hemarthrosis?” Seems i had a lot of bleeding in the joint – incredibly painful. Spent the night in the hospital and I’m home now resting for a couple of days. Nothing I did, it just happens. The doctor had me taking 2 baby aspirin per day and my blood thinned too much. It was scary because the first thought was that it was infected. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. And Thankfully I have the most wonderful Orthopedic surgeon.

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