Good Evening

Happy Mother’s Day.  It was a low key day here, as the week has been.  Had Total Knee Replacement of my right knee last Monday, came home from the hospital on Wednesday and have been working on healing since.

From the very beginning, the procedure and the interaction with the hospital was far better than 11 weeks ago when I had the left knee replaced.  The hospital had completed their transition to the new computer system so I could tell that everyone on the staff was less stressed.  My ortho and the  Anesthesiology team was on alert to be sure not to repeat the painful visit to the recovery room that I had last time.  They were so good with the concoction that they gave me as I left the OR, that I slept soundly for almost three hours in recovery.  And the nurses on staff made sure to medicate me before I went up to the floor.  I was in my room by 3:30pm and the PT and OT were there at 4:30 to get me up. And I got up, went to the toilet and sat in my chair for dinner.

What a difference.  One of the physical therapists said to me that all joint replacements are different and I certainly believe it.  This new replacement has had a few episodes of pain, but nothing like the prior one.  I have pretty good mobility as well, and was at about 93 degrees bend the first day.  I used the walker at home for a day and then switched to the cane.  You can’t carry a cup of coffee when you’re using a walker.

Another big difference is the bruising.  My first knee had almost no bruising.  This one has varying shades of purple, brown and yellow from my groin to my ankle, both front and back.  So while it’s fairly ugly to look at, the pain level is minimal.

I’m off all my RA meds except for one celebrex per day and unlike the prior surgery, I’m having NO RA symptoms, which I find amazing.  I’m barely taking pain meds so that’s not mitigating the RA symptoms.  I just feel pretty good.

Admittedly, I’m a little tired of my couch, and my icing machine and my pj’s.  I’m looking forward to getting a few steps beyond rehab and back to living.  I can see the weeds growing as I write this.


7 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. I have never understood why bruising occurs sometimes and not others. I wonder if it has to do with a change in medicine or the condition of the surgery?

    • Rick, I have no idea either but I suspect the doctor knows while doing surgery because he warned me after the surgery to expect alot of bruising. Perhaps when they cut the bone, some bleed far more than others. It’s amazing to me to have none with one surgery and then look like I lost a big fight with the other one.

  2. It’s so good to hear from you and I’m thrilled that things went so much smoother this time. Sending you hugs and healing wishes. I can see ski slopes in your future! (Woohoo!)

    • Thanks Carla. it’s amazing the difference, and it all didn’t stem from the better experience of the recovery room. I really think that this second knee was my worst knee and it’s just breathing a sigh of relief that it can now bend and move. I’m a week out of surgery and feel pretty darn good.

    • Thanks Karen. Yes, I’m the master weeder here. I was walking the yard this morning and can see that I’m going to be very busy soon. I’m just happy to have good movement and feel good. Thanks for reading.

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