More April Showers

It’s a dreary Saturday here in New England and I’m okay with that.  In fact, I put on my PJ’s last night when I got home from work and I’m going to stay in them all day today.  We’ve cancelled our plans for this weekend because Mr. has the flu.  It’s a bad strain that is going on around here and it’s late.  Mr. actually spent a night in the hospital because the flu made his heart beat erratically.  That seems to be under control so now he just has to rest and get well.

Amazing that I didn’t get the flu.  I typically catch most germs that come near me but so far I’ve escaped this flu.  I was sick in November with what I thought was perhaps a flu, but it wasn’t confirmed.  Perhaps that’s keeping me from catching Mr’s germs.

Two weeks and 2 days until my next knee replacement surgery.  I will be very happy to get it behind me.  I’m tired of limping.  I’m tired of the pain.  Movement up and down hurts, as does turning in bed.  I can’t wait to be walking again.  Our office is committed to wellness and we have a new website called Virgin Pulse that we’ve been using for challenges and to track healthy habits.  I actually really like it and can’t wait to participate in earnest with the walking challenges.


2 thoughts on “More April Showers

  1. Oh dear, poor Mr P! 😳 But delighted you didn’t get it… May you remain well until at very least after that second knee is done! I bet you’re counting the days until you’re fully ‘back on your feet’!

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