April Showers

It rained here Friday night and yesterday.  Cold, damp, rainy day.  I treated myself to a day in my PJ’s.  Did a few things around the house, did some reading, watched some sports and the movie Patriot’s Day.  It was better than I expected.  I had read some harsh reviews when it first came out, but I thought it was well done and I shed a few tears.

And tomorrow is Opening Day for Baseball.  I’m excited for a new season and my Red Sox.

My knee?  The new knee is just over six weeks old.  Boy does it feel good.  I get an occassional twinge of pain, but all in all it’s terrific.  I saw the doctor last week and he was very pleased that I could fully straighten and bend the knee.  The only issue was some dissolvable stitches that had not quite dissolved all the way and were poking their way thru the scar.  So he had to gouge in there and clean them up.  OUCH!!  Not pretty.

My primary reason for the visit wasn’t to check on the new knee however, but to talk about the other knee.  The “Old” knee.  The formerly good knee turned very bad knee.  I feared he would tell me that it was too soon to consider replacing the other one, but since I’ve been seeing him for that knee since June of 2009, he was emphatic in his agreement with me that now’s the time.  I am bone on bone and the pain is excrutiating.  Sleep eludes me most nights because it’s too painful and movement wakes me up.  There is no meniscus in that knee and I’d had it glued together with Hyaluronic acid injections for about 6 years, but the injections are no longer covered by my health insurance and the orthopedic wasn’t confident that it was the best choice.

So…. drum roll please…… I will be having the other knee replaced on May 8th.  I wish it was tomorrow.  In the meantime, I will be working very hard for the next 5 weeks to catch up on my clients from being out for the first knee, and I need to get ahead for the upcoming surgery.

So end of the summer I will be back in action, running fitbit weekly challenges and maybe taking in a round of golf.  I wonder how the new knees will impact my golf game?


8 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. I am sorry you’re having another major surgery but I am thrilled for you that the first one was so successful you see the advantage of having the other one done. My brother just had back-to-back hip replacements (well overdue!) and he’s gotten his life back after years in a wheelchair. I am so happy you’re doing so well. Hugs.

    • Carla – don’t be sorry. I’m happy about it. I’m in rehab mode so now is as good a time as any. I saw my rheumy this am and he was happy with all my choices. I figure by end of July I will be doing most of my activities. Can’t wait.

  2. I know you know by now that having a new knee is not a panacea. But I also know you know it beats not having a new knee. I am thrilled you will be separating from your other old knee, I also say sooner than later.

    • Rick – I’m thrilled too. It truly can’t come soon enough – perhaps I should have done both at the same time, but I needed to do this on my own terms. By the end of summer I should be functioning pretty fully and I look forward to that.

  3. Excellent news…well, mostly! Not excellent that you need the other knee doing, but as Carla said, so glad your first one went so well that you know it’s time for the other. Yikes re the stitches though! Ouch indeed!,

    • I saw my rheumy this am and he was totally in agreement with doing the second knee. He’s a skier like me and he said “next year you’ll be all set to hit the slopes.” I hope so. Maybe not as crazy as in the past but if I can still do some, I’m ok. Doc thinks I might be able to back off on the meds a bit. Read my mind.

  4. When you decide to jump, you leap! I hope all goes well with your next surgery.
    Here’s to the next ski season. And freedom from knee pain.

    • Karen – you are right. I guess that’s what I do. a week after surgery I said there was no way I could do it again so soon, but after feeling the rewards of the new knee, the pain of the other knee was so bad, it just came naturally to me. Freedom from knee pain, prednisone, pain meds. I relish all that!!! Thanks for checking in!!

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