One month post surgery

One month out.  I’m finally feeling human again.  I guess that’s a pretty good timeline and I suppose that I’m impatient and expected to feel good and be back in action in half that time.  My new knee feels very strong and sturdy.  Yes, there is still pain, but it’s tolerable.  I took a long walk 2 days ago as part of rehab and it felt therapeutic.  I can’t wait to be back walking on a regular basis.  Abbie the jack russell can’t wait either.

The most surprising part of the surgery was how violently my RA acted up.  I really wasn’t expecting that.  I control that damn disease and it does what I tell it!! Usually.  Not so post surgery.  Of course the biologic that I am on, Xeljanz ER (or is it XR) is a daily pill.  Which means that it leaves your system each day, unlike Enbrel which stays in your system for a bit.  Once I stopped taking it prior to surgery, without any residual in my system, the RA flared.  Post surgery the RA continued to rage through my system and was the worst part of recovery.  The pain of the new knee was nothing compared to the pain of  RA.  Interesting to have a point of reference.

I have found a bit of success by upping my daily dose of prednisone, but that means I don’t sleep until 3am.  My time table is a bit off.  However, I backed down a bit this morning on the prednisone and I’m trying to return to my “normal” life.  Which is funny because my friend said to me this morning that if I became normal, she wouldn’t recognize me.  But I’m back sleeping up a flight of stairs in my bedroom, and no more riser on the toilet.  I’ve been working from home, but am going to head to the office tomorrow.  Life is waiting for me to resume.


6 thoughts on “One month post surgery

  1. I always knew I was getting well when I started getting bored. It’s amazing how therapeutic daytime television can be. I am thrilled that you’re recovering so well although RA could have stayed away a while longer. I was always able to go back on my RA meds two weeks after surgery (hip, knee, shoulder replacements, back fusions, rotator cuff surgeries, etc. — never longer than two weeks — including when I was on Xeljanz). Check with your surgeon. Usually when they see you’re healing up post surgery and the possibility of infection lessens, they’ll let you start again. (It can’t hurt to ask!) Congrats on the recovery! It will get better and better over the next several months — even after you think you’re healed, you continue to see improvement.

    • Carla, I’ve actually been back on the meds for over 2 weeks. Just seems to be taking a while to gethe relief from them. I’m hoping within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime I’m tired of hanging around and need to get back to liVing

  2. The build up process for the meds can seem to take forever. Starting today I am on a 2-4 week rituxan hiatus and I am not looking forward to it at all. I am so glad you are feeling better. Summer is coming, time to take those knees for a spin.

    • Rick- I don’t envy you for having to stop your biologic. Quite honestly I was surprised with how badly my body reacted when I took a break from the meds. Maybe I’m finally now starting to feel a bit of relief again – we shall see.

      Best of luck to you!

  3. Sounds like everything went well and you are back on the road to wellness. I’mean always surprised how RA flares return so quickly when I skip my regular routine of medication. A humble reminder of why I do well in the first place. Here’s to more improvement with each new day. X

    • I actually feel so good with my new knee that I have an appt this afternoon with the surgeon to talk about my other knee. Crazy I know, but I’m tired of the severe knee pain and I want my life back. Stay tuned.

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