RA flare from hell

So I know that trauma to your system can trigger an RA Flare.  A friend of mine recently had a total knee replacement and several weeks later had a painful episode of gout.  I read about that on line and told him that it was due to his surgery – it triggered the gout.

Not sure why it took me so long to look inward and recognize that the trauma of surgery was causing my flare.  I kept thinking I would be better tomorrow.  I did stop the RA meds for almost a month and have been back on them for 2 weeks, but the pain and inflammation seems to get worse every day.  Yesterday afternoon and evening I cried more than I want to admit I did.  I couldn’t get comfortable.  Sleep?  Barely a wink.  My restless legs were all over the place in bed last night.

This morning I cried again and could see how swollen the non surgical knee was.  I thought about my friend with the gout.  I thought about last summer when I was changing biologics, and took a couple prednisone tapers which honestly helped.  I’d been taking 2.5 mg of prednisone per day which is obviously not enough to beat the rheumatoid back.  My brain was thinking I should call my rheumatologist, but I don’t want to whine.  Besides, he’s going to suggest a prednisone taper.  So as much as I hated doing it, I took another dose to bring today’s daily total to 10mg.

It’s been about 3 hours and I definitely feel better already.  I have more mobility in the knee and much less pain.  Most likely I won’t sleep much again last night, but it’s a trade off I’m willing to try.  Besides, we turn the clock ahead tonite, so there’s one less hour to toss and turn.




6 thoughts on “RA flare from hell

    • I don’t know why I have an issue with the prednisone. I feel too proud to use it. Don’t want to feel like I have to rely on a steroid. I definitely feel much better tonite than last night.

  1. I hope today is better for you. I know when I have had to stop my meds it takes time to get back to where I was. Like stopping a steam engine and then trying to get it going again. Takes a lot of coal to get this old engine going again.
    Enjoy your day

    • Karen – such a great analogy. I actually slept until almost 11am this morning. Very good sign that I was that comfortable to sleep in. I feel better today and am expecting friends for coffee. I hope that I have turned a corner.

  2. I hope by now that things are better. Unfortunately it does take time to “restart” the meds to the point where you get relief again. Hang in there. You’ve made great progress through your surgery and recovery. This is just a (painful, unexpected, didn’t want it to happen) bump in the road. Hugs.

    • Carla

      Thank you for always being the voice of reason and experience. I know you are right!! Yesterday was good, today not so much but there’s a HUGE storm approaching and so that barometer always wrecks havoc.

      However I did just go out for a nice long walk which always is a good thing for the RA. Feeling better. Worked a bit this morning and now I feel that it’s ok to rest a bit.

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