Staples out, rehab continues


You can see the metal parts that were put into my knee 2 weeks ago during a total knee replacement.  To me, it seems pretty clean and neat.   I saw the surgeon yesterday and the staples came out of the incision.  I have to admit that the incision is very ugly but I’m told it will recede and I’ve sent Mr. phat to the pharmacy for some oil or cocoa butter to soften it and help healing.  The doctor said that my movement is very good.  I really have to work on straightening the knee.  Bending is great, but straightening it hurts.  Unfortunately the other knee is very painful of late.  Obviously overuse has worn it out.  It has no meniscus, so will need replacing at some point down the road, but I was hoping a bit later as opposed to sooner.

I have several options at this point with the non surgical knee.  I can try another injection of Synvisc, which acts as a cushioning agent.  I’ve done that two times over the past 6 years with good success.  Sadly my health insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s expensive but I will check with my pharmacist and determine the out of pocket cost.  I can also have a cortisone shot, but that’s a real bandaid and very temporary.  Lastly, I can sign up and have another replacement.  The latter option I have a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea, but the honest truth is that I wanted to be able to wait a year or two before going thru this again.  Time will tell.  We shall see how the non surgically repaired knee responds to being back on my RA meds and sleep on it and make a decision down the road.

The surgeon said to walk as much as possible.  So I’ve just done a little much needed housework to loosen up my legs and done some stretching.  He said to continue the home rehab exercises and see how I do.

Each day gets better.  I’m sure that will continue.  Thanks to all of my readers for all your support and good wishes.  It means more to me than you know.


10 thoughts on “Staples out, rehab continues

  1. Way cool! Our knees are twinsies! 🙂 So glad you’re recovering well. The scar will fade. (If you want to see my pics from day one to year one, they’re here: The oil or cocoa butter is a great idea and can actually help the scar from “sticking”. Thanks for the update. It’s wonderful that you’re doing so well. Hopefully your non-surgical leg will calm down once it stops doing so much of the work. Hugs.

  2. Responding to your comment on my site (we’re going to have to quit meeting like this). The same doctor that did my hip replacement also did my knee. He used staples in my hip but just internal stitches and steristrips on my knee. I think there’s a picture on the link I sent where they changed the bandages in the hospital and you can see it’s just the strips. But even with the staples, my hip scar looks pretty good today as well. You’ll be great. Hang in there.

  3. Glad to hear things are coming along. It’s a long road, I’m sure, and your plan to wait a year between surgeries is a sound one. Hopefully, things can be managed so you can be as comfortable as possible. It’s kind of choosing between the lesser of two evils, in a way. I feel for you and I send you good thoughts. And for Mr. Phat, sounds like he’s been a prince.

  4. I am so happy that you continue to make progress. Here’s to gettign to an end hat is better than today or yesterday.

  5. Really glad you’re doing well…but so sorry that the other knee isn’t coping as well as you’d hoped. Maybe when the replaced one is up to full strength, the other can have a relatively restful period?

    • PollyannaP- you know how stubborn RA can be. It’s so very frustrating. I will also admit to not eating well during my recovery. After surgery or injury I always want bad foods. Weird as that sounds. So I’m going back today on the anti inflammatory diet. Fingers crossed I will get some relief.

      • Wanting bad foods doesn’t sound weird n’dear … It sounds totally normal! Wanting spinning and broccoli after an op would be weird! Glad you’re getting back on the bandwagon though!

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