Almost 2 weeks post op

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op for me.  It’s gone by quickly even though at times the minutes seem to be like hours.  Overall I’m doing well.  Progressing.  The surgically repaired knee is now my Good Knee.  My Strong Knee.  It’s stable and sturdy and feels good to walk on.  To that end, I walk mostly unaided these days.  I’ll use my cane overnight or for the first few steps in the morning, but otherwise it is not necessary.

My hurdle has been the other knee which no doubt will be replaced in the future.  Being off the RA meds since the beginning of February has caused the expected flare.  In my hands, wrists and the other knee.  The other knee formerly known as my good knee.  The pain has caused me to cry for a few moments most days.  I get overwhelmed, tired, behind on pain meds or just feel a bit sorry for myself.  I sob for a few moments and then rally.  Because that’s what RA has taught me to do.

I was supposed to stay off the RA meds until after the staples were removed, but I will confess to starting the methotrexate 4 days ago, and the Xeljanz 2 days ago.  The swelling in the new knee has diminished, my physical therapist says I’m doing great – I did climb a set of stairs yesterday and walked down the street and back up (it’s a hill).  Today is the first morning I’ve not cried since surgery.  Yes, I was stiff and sore, but the pain seems manageable and the RA flare is being extinguished.

I’ve had incredible support from Mr. Phat.  I couldn’t have gone through this without him.  He’s held my hand, cooked meals for me, and most importantly is my Iceman.  He keeps my icing mechanism full – he says I have a $4 a day ice habit and we’re not even making margueritas.  My parents drove down over the weekend for a visit which proves that you can be 55, but you’re still a daughter.  Mom needed to see for her own eyes that I was doing well.  I’ve had tremendous support from my friends and colleagues at work, which has helped me go through this challenge.  And my ski group, Team Cannon, left for the annual trip to Switzerland over the weekend.  I know that my spirit went with them.

Stay tuned for more updates.


10 thoughts on “Almost 2 weeks post op

  1. Hurray for your progress! I know that sometimes it seems so slow and that it can often hurt but I am so thrilled for you that you’re doing so well! It is amazing, isn’t it, that when you fix one problem it brings out how bad the other problems really are? (It’s like getting a new sofa and you suddenly realize how shabby the rest of the room looks …) Part of the problem with your “old” knee is that it’s been working doubly hard as you’ve been relying on it more during your recovery. As you shift the load more naturally to your new knee, it will relieve the pressure on the not-titanium/real/natural knee and it will start to feel better. I look forward to your posts and know that I’m in the stands cheering for you.

  2. Thanks Carla. That’s exactly right. You paint one room in the house and then the rest need painting. The truth is that the non surgical knee was originally my bad knee. I’ve had 2 sets of Synvisc style shots in that knee and it’s been successful, but the last one was over 3 years old. So that’s on the list for my next visit to the Rheumy. I’d like to try to keep it for another couple of years. Although I think I heard myself tell Mr. Phat in my delirium that if the ortho said he had a cancellation next week, I’d get the other knee done. I MUST be crazy. Thanks so much for your posts. They lift me up!!!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that you are improving well, even though there’s been some rough patches. I think you are incredibly brave and it’s good that you have strong support from your family. That is so important, in all ways. I hope you keep progressing and that you can make that ski trip next year. Sending good thoughts your way.

    • Irma – brave? Thanks so much for saying that. In my family joint replacement is routine so I was all in once it was necessary that it had to be done. Family tradition rather than bravery 😉 I am fortunate to have such a good medical plan, great medical network and family support.

      I appreciate your comments

  4. So glad you’re on the mend – and thank goodness for a great support network. Even with my minor issues I’ve found having a wonderfully supportive hubby and good friends to be a huge help. Here’s to your continued and speedy recovery!

    • Thanks PAP. I’m coming along. I am not a good person to be idle. I actually worked a bit on my computer this morning and answered some calls. Can’t wait to be back walking with my dog. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Good on you for taking on the surgery and coping with the RA flare up. Who wouldn’t have their times of self pity. You are going through a rough time and it is a lot to cope with. May you continue to make such good progress with the recovery. Think of you often.

    • Steph-I think of you often as well. Kindred sisters still. I’m doing fine. Yes, it’s been painful but every day gets better and I am impatient. Hope you are managing your issues. Love you and miss you.

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