T minus 6

Snow day!!  The state is closed down because of an all day snow event that will bring  8 – 16 inches.  We are also getting Thunder too, which is eerie.  Amazing when it snows and thunders.

So 6 days until total knee replacement surgery.  I’ve been off my Xeljanz for a week and took my last methotrexate shot Sunday night.  I won’t lie to you.  I hurt.  The Rheumatoid Pain is very strong.  More than I expected.  I had actually told Mr. Phat that I was going to consider not going back on the Xeljanz after surgery because it didn’t seem to do anything.  Boy was I fooled!!  Mornings are the worst – the pain and stiffness makes movement slow.  It takes a few hours to loosen up the joints.

That’s why I’m appreciating the snow day today.  I was able to stay in bed until almost 9 and catch up on the sleep I lost while in pain overnight.  I will actually hook up my laptop this afternoon and do some work. I’ve been working ahead and am in good shape, but I want to stay ahead and I’m not sure I’ll be able to work much the 2 days before surgery – if this is any indication of how I’m going to feel.

I’m reminded of my early days with RA – before biologics and metho.  I would have to take pain meds while still in bed and I remember sitting in my living in the morning crying due to the pain.  Also, thoughts of my grandmother with RA fill my brain.  She didn’t have any fancy medications to relieve her inflammation and pain.  And she never complained. My role model for sure.  We called her Memere and when I became a grandmother, That’s what my grandchildren call me.

Blessed indeed that I can have a total knee replacement, then ultimately go back on my RA meds and hopefully resume my active and busy lifestyle.  I’m also especially blessed to have Mr. Phat who takes care of me both physically and emotionally.

Speaking of Blessed – How about those New England Patriots?


12 thoughts on “T minus 6

  1. The next week will fly by and they’ll be rolling you into surgery before you know it. I always used this time to “build my nest” — gather those things I would need close to me such as my eReader, walker, body lotion, bed table, walker. I also made pots of soup and put up individual portions that was easy for my husband to manage for dinner. I’m sorry you’re going through such pain because of being of the meds. It’s amazing the difference they actually make. Am holding you in my thoughts and look forward to your post-surgery posts to let us know how successful everything was!

    • Thanks Carla. I know you have experience in all this as well. Thanks for the tips. I have a list of things I need, and have done a good job with lotion,lip balms, books and moved to the ground floor bedroom. My husband likes to cook which takes the pressure off me for that, although tonite I’m going to make chicken casserole which isn’t in his repetoire, but he loves mine.
      Thanks for the good thoughts. I know you know exactly what I’m dealing with.

    • So surprising. I really was shocked how back I am and what a difference the meds make. And you’re right that there is that silver lining which I always look for. I will post sometime after surgery. Can’t wait! Wish it was tomorrow.

  2. I can only speak to a hip replacement.which I had in 2012. It was the best decision I ever made. Carla is right next week will fly by.

    • Thanks Rick – I know it’s for the best and in 6 weeks I will be so happy I have the new knee. I know that this is temporary, which does help. My mom had a new hip last April and she had a similar struggle the 4 days prior to her surgery and she had excrutiating pain. They weren’t sure why, but once she got to the hospital, they took over and she hasn’t looked back. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  3. It’s been a rough winter all around it seems. We had record breaking snowfall and we never get snow! I hope your surgery goes smoothly and that spring will fill your body with warmth and wellness, melting away that pain.I have no doubt you’ll be back to your normal active you very soon. X

  4. Just to let you know that I’m thinking of you and will be praying that all goes smoothly and that you recover quickly and get back to what makes you happiest.

    • Well, there is much down time in the hospital. So I’ve been able to comment. Pain is managed and PT is under control and I’ll be leaving the hospital before dinner time to head home. I miss my dog, my bed and night with my husband. He does too. I will probably get a blog post done this weekend.

      Thanks for the support!!

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