Saturday 8:20 am



Damn.  I missed first tram.  Again.  It leaves the station on weekends at Cannon Mountain in Franconia, NH at 8:15 am and for the past decade I’ve been on it.  This morning there’s a little layer of new snow.  “Freshies” we call it.  I love skiing freshies from first tram – there’s no real sound but the skis moving through the snow, pushing it out of your path.  The cold crisp air feels great on your smiling face.  These are my favorite ski mornings.

Since I can’t rush to first tram this morning, I can sit here and enjoy the Freshies out my window.  The flakes are still falling down and the quiet pierces the air.  I’m trying to find the silver lining in the cloud that is my season of not skiing.  Knowing I’ll be stronger and pain free next year.

2 1/2 weeks until Total Knee replacement surgery.  I won’t lie – it hurts.  Rolling over in bed hurts, getting in and out of the car hurts.  Walking hurts.  Finally it seems that the RA flare that has been with me for 6+ months has moderated a bit.  I can open jars again, and cut food without wincing.  Of course starting in 5 days I have to start weaning myself off my meds prior to surgery.  That will be challenging as well.  But I’m  willing to take it if it means “freshies” next ski season.


6 thoughts on “Saturday 8:20 am

  1. And “freshies” for you when you get your new knee. We shall have to call you the bionic blogger! Thinking of you and hoping the days go quickly and you’re back solidly on your feet again. Your description above made me hear the whoosh of skis on fresh-fallen snow and I’m in Miami and don’t even ski.

    • Thanks Irma. I’m hoping the next 10 days until surgery fly by and likewise the several weeks after. I have learned that my biologic works very well. Now that I’m not taking it, I can feel it. So I’m learning all the time.

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