Snow Day

Traditionally the first weekend after New Years has always been my favorite weekend to ski.  The hard core regulars are there but the casual skiers are home.  It’s not so crowded, and always an enjoyable weekend to ski.

Alas, this year that’s not to be as I wait for my surgery on a total knee replacement.  But there’s a silver lining to my cloud.  It’s a snowday and I am happier than anything to be snowbound with Mr. Phat with our brand new kitchen a little post holiday organizing and football later this afternoon.  We made breakfast together and the whole house smelled wonderful.  Later we will roast a chicken with some vegetables for dinner.  Yum.  What more could a gal want on a snowy Saturday?  Oh right, a nice cozy great room with a roaring wood stove. Life is truly good my friends, no matter what the circumstances are.  My silver lining is being in my comfy home surrounding by warmth, good smells, the man I love and our dog.

My other silver lining this week?  My eating.  This is a diet blog, right?  I did a lot of reading last week about food and the immune system.  My immune system has definitely been out of whack since summer.  Changing RA meds hasn’t helped my immune system.  Being sick and stopping my RA meds intermittently most likely has contributed to this yoyo effect.

So this week I eliminated all the inflammatory foods from my diet – dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol and legumes.  The latter is no biggie as Legumes aren’t my favorite food.  I also fasted during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday and had coffee, tea, water and bouillon during the day and salad or eggs with protein for dinner those nights.

I have already been able to cut my prednisone does in half and my goal is to be off of it shortly.  At some point in the near future for several weeks prior to my February 15 surgery date I’m going to need to be off all RA meds.  I’d like to have the inflammation as minimal as possible prior to that date.  I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you’re in a snow zone, relax and enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I am afraid I cannot enjoy snow. Yuck. I live in Indiana and we get just enough to make me miserable and not near enough to ski. More like the 1-3 inch range with melts in between. I know that sounds like the south to a person form NY, but it is miserable to me.

    As for me, I told my wife I want to go to Dan Diego or Costa Rica. Alright, even KY seems better.

    • I have to say that watching the golf from Hawaii today could change my mind. I hated winter until I had a sport that I loved and as you might expect, that’s when I started to embrace winter. I ski in NH on weekends and any midweek days I get, and live in RI during the week.

  2. Oh, I am sorry I thought you lived in NY, still, central Indiana gets about 15-20 inches between November and March each year with melts in between. I imagine around your house you get much more. Hawaii? Now I could go for some Hawaii I think.

    • Most people consider RI a part of NY. You say Rhode Island and they want to know where in Long Island are you from. We do get snow but it varies year to year. Much of RI is coastal so we get sloppy snow or icy storms.

      Made my first trip to Indiana in October. The indiana/Michigan/Chicago area along Lake Michigan. I go to Chicago regularly but went to a wedding near the lake resort area

  3. Sounds like a marvelous start to the year! Dallas actually got some snow last weekend and I was enchanted. Like you, I filled my house with fragrances of good food. Congratulations on making progress on your diet resolutions and getting off prednisone. Sending warm hugs from the south. (It’s back into the 70’s today!)

    • Cathy, sadly, a break from the meds and a total knee replacement has created the need to start back on the pred. The other knee that wasn’t replaced is so bad I’m contemplating calling the surgeon and scheduling a replacement for that knee. Otherwise my joints all feel good. I’ve been struggling with decrepit knees for a year. I can’t do this for another year.

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