That’s all I can think of to call this post.  More of the same.  I’m not a complainer and that’s what I told the Rheumy yesterday when I saw him.  And he knows I don’t complain. I’ve been sick twice this fall, and mid November was probably the flu which I’m finally recovered from.  So I started my Xeljanz again, for the third time, but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on my pain and inflammation.  I had a blood test this week and he said that the markers for inflammation were elevated.  I’ve been taking prednisone which suppresses the tests, so he knew I was worse than what the tests showed.

I was actually back using my cane one day this week.  I’m tired of limping.  I did put on a pair of skis last Saturday but I wasn’t able to ski.  I’m not sure that I will be able to ski this season.  Which has always been a priority but I know that I can’t make my decisions based on my ability to ski or not.  Walking is enough of a benchmark.

The Rheumy suggested that I change from the twice a day 5mg Xeljanz to once a day 11mg dose.  Today is my first day trying that.  I am willing to try anything and know that small tweaks are sometimes all that is needed.  I haven’t given up hope.




8 thoughts on “Sigh.

  1. Sigh is a good word. So sorry to hear you’re having pain. The worst pain is the one that prevents us from doing what we enjoy. I hope the new med regimen alleviates things enough that you can enjoy the upcoming holidays. Sending you good thoughts.

  2. Gosh darn it! I loved Xeljanz when I took it because (when it worked) I felt good and I didn’t have to do an injection or an infusion. I am hoping that the increased dose will be just what you need to strap on those skis and hit the slopes.

  3. When I was escalated to the highest dose of Rituxan (every four months) I was so disheartened. I thought at some level it might have filed, but it did not. I hope you have the best experience on the new dose.

    • RA can be disheartening, that’s for sure. I can remember feeling so defeated when I started to take metho, but in the long run, that’s the one constant med that has given me the most relief. So I try not to take heart with everything I read, and try to make my own judgement through personal experience.

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