Spoke too Soon

Saturday I posted to express my appreciation for all the support I received from Phat50Chick.  Sunday morning I woke early and once again the left knee was excrutiating, very swollen and I couldn’t put any weight on it.  Mr. Phat ran to the pharmacy for another Medrol pack and I started my second course of prednisone in less than 2 weeks.

This time I will admit to not having felt progressively better each day.  It’s been very slow to improve.  Today I’m better, but I still have swelling, pain and still am limping, even though I try not to.  It dawned on me last night that I had lyme disease last summer and I wondered if I had a final follow up blood test to determine that I was no longer fighting it.  I called my primary care doctor this morning and he wanted me to come in for a blood test, but then realized I was on prednisone and so I can’t have the blood test until 2 weeks after stopping taking the pred.  Which is the 29th of July.  If I can go that far.  I did find this ugly graphic on the CDC website but it’s appropriate.  The right hand picture is me.  One truly fat, overswollen, can’t straighten out or bend it, knee.

medical illustration of Erythema migrans, medical illustration of Bell's Palsy, and medical illustration of an arthritic knee

Maybe it is RA.  Maybe I’m having a flare in my knee.  Maybe the Enbrel has run it’s course and I have to switch off it.  I have an appointment with my rheumatologist next week to discuss that possibility as well.  I also have a consult with a acupuncture group.  Because I’m curious about acupuncture.  But maybe it’s not RA???

As I’ve always said here on Phat50Chick – you have to be your own advocate.  Your own doctor.  Because I have RA, the ortho and rheumy didn’t think about Lyme, and my Primary Care didn’t really either.  I had to be the one to remember the lyme and look it up and think – Huh?  You can’t be too sure.

I will keep you posted.



7 thoughts on “Spoke too Soon

  1. So sorry you’re still suffering with that knee! My goodness, Lyme disease too does complicate things a bit, doesn’t it? On the bright (?) side, maybe if it is that then at least the Enbril is hopefully still working! Not that I know enough about Lyme disease to really know if that makes sense or not!

    • Polly Anna P, you are so right. Maybe the enbrel IS still trying to work? Who knows. But it’s a thought. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon! Thanks for your support.

  2. You are right that you have to be your own advocate. Doctors sometimes focus only on their little territory of you. Like my rheumy didn’t notice the uptick in my blood pressure readings, but I can’t fault him cause neither did I. It took an ophthalmologist to turn on that light bulb. Imagine. I do so hope you get relief for your knee soon. It looks so painful, as I can imagine it is.

  3. Yeah, that’s what my knee looks like, Leigh. I haven’t been able to straighten it for years. I went for some PT sessions a few years back & they almost got it straightened out. But I got lazy & didn’t keep up with the exercises & it’s bent again. I have no one to blame but myself for that. Decided to try PT again. So went in May for a few weeks. Started out great but then my knee really started killing me! I don’t know if I was experiencing a flare as well or if it just aggravated the knee. I completed all the sessions anyway despite how I was feeling but didn’t have quite the same results as the last time. The only good thing I accomplished was making a full rotation on the recumbent bicycle! I haven’t been able to ride a bike in years. I still can’t do a regular exercise bike because of the straight up & down motion. But I am grateful for my one accomplishment!

    • Right now about the only activity I want to do is the recumbent bike, but even that lately is challenging. Yesterday I was a bump on the log and sat watching golf all day. I had a busy week so I sometimes allow myself such an indulgence. Tonite we are headed to a wedding north of Boston and I’m going to put the cane in the car, just incase.
      Tuesday I’m seeing the accupunturist. I will definitely write a post after that.

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