Giving Thanks

Thank you to all my readers who reached out and touched me after my last post.  It really moved me to have so many responses. Thank you so much for all your support.  You were right, I didn’t cave in.  I did what I needed to do.  I took the 6 day course of prednisone and I still slept, my appetite wasn’t affected and the only thing that really reminded me of past tapers was the day after I finished I had to have a good cry.  I forgot the emotional toll of prednisone.

So I felt best on day 4 – 12 mg of pred.  Beyond that I could feel the knee flare kicking back in and it seems pretty strong this morning, although I have just gotten out of bed and maybe when I start moving around it will be better.  But I will renew the prescription for the prednisone to have it handy just in case.

My dog also has been sick with a urinary tract infection and oddly enough the first course of anti biotics didn’t help her, but the second has and she seems back to her bossy demanding self.  We need that around here.  Also, the caterpillars morphed into moths last week.  We had moths everywhere – it looked like the woods were in motion when you looked outside, but Mr. Phat has just some inside from mowing the lawn and said they’re gone!!  And the defoliated trees have started leafing again, so the small part of my world is getting back to normal.  I wish I could say the same for the larger world around us which seems to grow uglier each week.  It’s a sad and senseless world.


9 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Sometimes all we can do is live the best life we can, and give a little of ourselves when needed. We can’t control the large world around us but we can make a difference to the lives that are connected with ours with small gestures that are huge to those who accept and appreciate. A smile, and hug, a few words of encouragement. X.

  2. I share your angst over this cold and senseless world we live in these days. I have hope that we can pull up out of this spiral. But, J. G. is right, all we can do is make our world a little better for us and those whom our lives touch. Glad the prednisone helped you. It has its good point, and unfortunately its bad points. But in a pinch, it comes through.

  3. My God, Leigh! I’ve been at a loss for words over your last 2 posts. The first one nearly brought me to tears. It seems we are going through the same thing at the same time. Everything you are describing is exactly what is happening to me. It is somewhat a relief to know that I am not alone in this. Not that I would wish this on anyone. Don’t get me wrong. My family & friends are extremely supportive & understanding. But to be able to talk to & share my feelings with you is comforting. You know. You understand. I have been using a cane on & off for months now & I don’t even give a damn. I have one at home & keep an extra one in the car just in case. I even borrowed my neighbor’s walker a few times when I was struggling so bad. Normally I take my prednisone once a year, maybe twice. I’ve just finished my 3rd round and there’s still 5 months left in the year. But what’s a girl to do? We do what we must to feel better. Plain & simple. We can’t be so hard on ourselves. You’re absolutely right. We are not Super Woman. We are just women trying to do the best that we can. And there is no shame in that. I am so grateful to Clare for bringing you into my life. You are a strong woman who inspires me time after time. Keep fighting the good fight! Your sister in RA Trese

    • Trese-no kidding? I haven’t posted an update but actually started the pred again on Sunday. Excruciating pain. Still. Tonite is a bit better. I have apps with my rheumatoid doc next week to discuss changing biologics and an accupuncturist. I will keep you posted. That being said I’m headed to Chicago in august and will have alone time as chris is working. Maybe we can have coffee or lunch? I will email you

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