I’m not Superwoman

My favorite season.  I love summer – I love being outside working in the gardens, and having dinner on the patio.  But since my last post I’ve not had enough of gardening or dining on the patio.  The pain in my left knee (formerly my good knee) got excruciating 2 weeks ago – too painful to walk again and I had to resort to using a cane, which hurts my pride, but I’d rather move with a cane than not move at all.

I had to get a cortisone shot at the walk in clinic because the pain made me cry out loud which also isn’t my style.  I set up appointments on the same day with my rheumy and ortho docs.  I prepared myself for a new knee – I thought that I had a block of time  this summer that could accommodate a new knee.  That’s me:  The planner.  OK, the control freak.  And I went in saying “I’m ready, let’s schedule this sucker.”

No such luck.  The knee pain was not due to the deteriorating knee, but was an RA flare.  A Flare? But I don’t get flares!!  I’ve not had a real flare in years.  So I was in denial for a few days as I waited for the cortisone to grab hold and help me return to my balls to the wall lifestyle.

No such luck.  It’s not going to happen I realized.  So this morning I caved in and opened the Medrol pack that my rheumy had prescribed for me and told me to use if I didn’t feel better in a week.  Basically its a 6 day, tapered course of prednisone which I swore I would never ever take again after finally getting off it in 2008.  I said I never would do it.  It’s a super drug – it will attack any inflammation in your body and rid you of it!! But it also is a stimulant.  Keeps me awake for days and swells your appetite.  And your body grows to love it, which makes it hard to get your body off it.

I broke that promise to myself, but the pain last night in the left leg – the entire leg – due to the flare was excruciating.  Took 3 halves of a vicodin pill before the throbbing receded enough for me to sleep.  My dog is stressed because our normal routine has been upset and I’m not walking her.  My routine is upset because I haven’t been walking.  And I feel the RA attacking my wrists too.  It was time to take the prednisone and see what it does.

And 5 hours later the knee and wrist are already feeling better.  So the Doctor is right.  And Mr. Phat  is right.  He said “you didn’t cave. you took something to help you feel better.  It’s OK!”

Superwoman I am not.  But maybe soon I can begin participating in life again.  Especially since the caterpillars are getting ready to cocoon.  (see previous post)


8 thoughts on “I’m not Superwoman

    • Thanks Joan – I really appreciate your support. I’m feeling better tonite – went to the gym and walked the dog – who’s getting better. I realize I was pretty spoiled with my RA being in remission for so long……..I’m looking forward.

  1. unusually I can honestly say I know what you’re going through …. My first flare in my left knee was the same, crying n’ all – also not my style! However, honestly a six-day taper is NOT the same as being on a long-term pred course. I doubt you’ll have any of the side effects on such a short course. It’s what I always use for a knee flare and works a treat. Glad you’re starting to feel better.

    • Thank you soooo much for your comments. I had another friend comment stating that the pred always helps her. I think I rationalized taking them by saying what can 6 days do besides make me feel better. Sounds like a good call. Thanks for your support!

      • I’ve now started a 7-day course of prednisilone myself – also for a knee flare, so here’s wishing us both luck with it! I’m pretty confident we’ll both have no side effects! 😊

      • I read your post and was sadly amused with your predicament. I’m glad to have some companionship on the pred train. So far so good!!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with prednisone as well so I feel your pain in trying NOT to take it. But there’s nothing wrong with using it responsibly when your body needs it — which it clearly does. I’m glad you don’t need a new knee! Hopefully the taper will get you back on your feet and into your groove again. Sending hugs.

  3. I am so glad to hear things are improving. I survived a week long flare of all my joints whereas I had to increase my medications. I didn’t want to, but I did and it eventually booted the flare out. It’s amazing how stubborn we can be isn’t it? Even when we know it will make us feel better, we’d rather endure than cave in…but the good thing is, after we cave in we can always climb back out to the light. Stay well. X.

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