I’ve been mostly a downer lately on my blog.  Talking about RA Flares, cortisone shots, medications, including pain meds, and sinuses.  It was a tough winter for me, but all in all, I managed.  I can afford my health insurance and my medications.  I can afford to see the doctor.  I can afford a personal trainer to help me feel better.  And I am feeling better.  I’ve been hitting close to 10K daily steps more frequently.  Then there’s this which Fitbit sent me earlier this year:

Screenshot_2016-03-30-20-04-22 [393131]

I took 2,709,353 steps in 2015!!!  That’s 1148 miles!!  Which is 22 miles per week on average!!  The step challenges I participated in last year really helped propel me.

Then this week I got this from Fitbit:

Screenshot_2016-03-30-20-04-56 [390922]

Since getting my fitbit 12/25/13, I’ve gone 2500 miles!!! Even I think that’s commendable for a full time, chronically challenged person.  And I have this one to thank for taking alot of those steps with me:

20160327_094420 [390500]

I’m going to keep moving no matter what!!!


2 thoughts on “Steps

  1. Cute doggie. I’ve decided that I will get a dog someday because that will force me to get up and move and get out of the house. But that day is not here yet. I wish I’d had the app that I now have on my phone that counts my steps and stairs back in the day when I was running miles in the ICU. The only time in twelve-plus hours that I got to sit was when I went to the ladies’ room. If I was lucky. The good ole days. Not I sit far too long at my desk. I need an app that makes me move, and then counts my steps!

    • Irma, that’s what my fitbit does – it counts my steps and I don’t have to carry the phone. It’s the best $100 I’ve spent on myself because it really makes me challenge myself. You might give it a try. I cannot recommend mine enough

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