In Like a Lamb

March definitely came in like a lamb, compared to the last few months.  Since November I had gotten sick in 4 consecutive months.  I think it was actually the same infection that kept rearing it’s head.  Finally, the 4th course of antibiotics, coupled with a new allergy medication seems to have done the trick.  I’ve been healthy for about 5 weeks.

I did stop the injectible RA meds for 6 weeks.  Over the past few years I’ve wondered how well they really work.  I found out.  By the long weekend in February my wrists hurt enough to need ice, my knees hurt like days of years ago, pain meds barely touched it and exhaustion ruled.  I started back on the President’s holiday with an injection of Enbrel.  The following Monday I did an injection of Methotrexate and this morning was Enbrel.  I thought I’d try alternating weeks rather than taking both each week.  Perhaps too much immune suppression lowered my defenses too much.  So far so good.

Finally I got a chance this past weekend to try out the gear I purchased:


And it was a beautiful weekend to do so!!  This is Mount Lafayette, across from Cannon Mt20160306_083551 [141181]

This Picture is from the Mittersill Chair looking over to Mt. Lafayette. 20160306_100725 [134286]

And here’s a selfie – not a great picture, but I was having a ball!!!

20160306_101910 [140149]

The season isn’t going to last too long in New England this year, so I gotta ski while the skiing’s good.  Thankfully my joints feel good enough to be out there.



8 thoughts on “In Like a Lamb

  1. No more first up, last down days for me. Rarely do I go on a black. The mountains and the snow still call me. Alas, old age and treachery have caught up, or RA and lung issues.
    I am glad you went back out. And the shorter skis are so much easier to handle!

    • I’m still first up but by mid day I’m toast. I was a crazy fast hard core skier, but now I’m an old broad out there to get a little thrill and relive the goood old days!

  2. What lovely pictures! Beautiful scenery. So glad you got to enjoy what you like to do, and thank goodness you’ve recovered from your ills. Looks like a med holiday was good for your immune system. Wishing you more good days to enjoy.

    • Irma, the jokes on me. Today I woke feeling like I got hit by a truck. It’s why you can’t take the good days for granted. Thanks for the comments. Have a good day

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