Sinus Infection – Again or Still?

I woke Monday morning with a sore throat, and presumed it was a sinus infection for 2 days, but Wednesday morning I knew that I had caught the grandkids germs because I had a full blown cold.  Cold meds kept me working Wednesday, but overnight I couldn’t breathe and therefore didn’t sleep.  I visited the doctor on Thursday and he gave me some antibiotics, told me to stay away from sick people (easier said than done) and sent me on my way.

This makes the third time since November 1 that I have taken strong antibiotics for 7 days in a row, which concerns me.  My ENT says I need to get off the biologic medication but my primary care says if it works, stay on it because he can treat the sinus infections.  Sure, but what’s the tipping point of developing resistance to anti biotics?

This morning I found an article on called 13 Sneaky Causes of Sinus Trouble.  I definitely have 7 issues and probably have 1 other problem.

  1.  Allergies – I have environmental allergies.  20 years ago I was tested and basically if it grows, I’m allergic to it.  Trees, grasses, mold, dust mites all affect me.
  2. Bacteria – this is principally my sinus infection issue because my sinuses can’t drain and bacteria grows
  3. Irritating Pollutants – who isn’t exposed to this in our world?  We heat with a wood stove so I would say that the smoke is an irritant.  Our world is full of pollutants
  4. Overuse of Nasal Products – am I too dependent on my neti pot?  And Afrin, which I really try to use sparingly?
  5. Lack of Moisture or Dry air?  See #3 about the wood stove.  Our house is dry, the air in winter is dry.  I try to drink a lot of fluids, but it’s not enough, I know.
  6. Unusual Anatomy – absolutely!!!  I have an Osteoma in my right ethmoid sinus.  It’s a bone tumor that blocks the opening of this sinus cavity and wreaks havoc with my head
  7. Chronic Medical Conditions – You think?  See numerous previous posts about RA and the biologics and sinus infections and my compromised immune system
  8. Polyps – these are small benign growths in your sinuses that can restrict airways and cause headaches.  I don’t know if this is a current problem, but it’s been a problem in the past and I have had surgery for nasal polyps twice in the past.


I had a catscan of my sinuses last week and get the results later this week, but reading the symptoms of nasal polyps tells me that this is most likely a culprit as well.  I’m not one for headaches, but I’ve been having them alot lately.  I also have had some episodes of blurry vision and I really believe that this sinus infection flared so quickly because I’ve not gotten rid of it the previous 2 sessions on antibiotics.

I’m not one that likes to be laid up for very long, or too often.  I’m missing some valuable ski days which annoys me, although I will say that I’ve had some quality time with my man and my dog while being snowbound this weekend in Rhode Island.  And I received this picture of the grandkids this morning which truly is what life is about:

the kids




6 thoughts on “Sinus Infection – Again or Still?

  1. Life always hands us trials to bear, especially in the face of chronic illness. I have developed new allergies since being diagnosed with RA – it’s like a pinball machine in my body, always wondering what light is going to go on next. It’s always a comfort to know that we can distract ourselves from our petty infirmities with the blessings and beauty in our lives. What a lovely picture of your grandkids. I hope you can get back on the ski hill soon. Sending positive healing vibes your way. Stay well. X

    • Thanks J.G. interesting that you’ve developed new allergies since RA. Mine seem a bit more at bay since RA, or the Celebrex keeps the inflammation in check. I’ve not been rechecked for allergies since RA and don’t really care to be at this point. I do, however wonder what part years of allergy shots played in my ultimate development of RA.

  2. Your grandbabies are absolutely beautiful! Looking at them probably makes you forget how bad your head aches. If at least for that moment. You are right in that the mechanical problems make it all worse. If the sinuses can’t drain properly, it sets you up for infection. I wonder if using a humidifier in the house would help. When I lived up north, I hated the dryness from the heater all winter. A humidifier did the trick. Plus added moisture in the air will help the sinuses drain, as it also thins the secretions. (I know, nurse talk!) Hope you feel lots better soon.

    • The grandbabies – yes, they’re germy, but cute as anything. They make life worthwhile. We do usually use a humidifier – for whatever reason it hasn’t made it’s appearance yet this winter. Thanks for reminding me and I’ll dig it out – that helps a little bit. I drink tea, and lots of water and recently have been drinking pineapple juice because it thins the mucus and also reduces inflammation. There’s just an awful lot of complicatory factors with me. Sigh. However, I felt a tad bit better today. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

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