Fall.  Leaves fall.  Temps fall.  Daylight falls.  Phat50chick falls.  I usually get sick this time of year.  I push through summer and try to pack in all the summer fun we didn’t get to in September and then crash and burn in  late October.  I skipped last year – the first fall in years I managed to stay healthy.  Last week I felt punk early on and thought it was medication related, and I finally felt better on Thursday.  So I got my flu shot.  Probably not the best move.  The first time I got a flu shot it knocked me down, but I’ve escaped that until this year.  Luckily there were no plans beyond Friday noon that I had to abide by, so I spent yesterday prone on the sofa and expect to do the same today.  It’s a good time for reflection, enjoying the autumn leaves out the window, the warmth of the wood stove, and the smell of the soup in the crockpot.

It was a good fall.  We accomplished alot.  IMG_0547  20151018_094454

Once again we participated in Providence’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  Mr. Phat has done this walk each year since 1993 and this year our grandson walked most of it with his Papa.

sailing1  IMG_0619

We also had the great fortune of a late September sail with friends.  Curiously enough, the photo on the left is of me and my friend Debbie.  She’s the closest person to me with RA.  We are on practically the exact same medication regimen.  She’s had it for 5 or 7 years and reached out to me when diagnosed.  She was in such pain.  I remember telling her it would get better and happily it has for her.  She is an active grandmother and she and her husband sail most summer weekends.

20151020_175352  20151029_175400  I’ve done a lot of walking on the East Coast Greenway this fall as well.  You can see the fall progression from left to right in the pictures above.

So now it time for a little rest before my second favorite season behind Summer.

DSC02405Yup.  That would be winter.


7 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Beautiful pictures and so glad to see you enjoying the change in season. I hope you will recover soon, and in the meantime, fill your days of rest with the things you enjoy – movies, books, the heat from the stove, warm blankets, tea, soup. These things always give me joy on my bad days. Cheers, stay well.

  2. What a beautiful family you have Leigh… you are truly blessed. You look so relaxed on the boat! LOL I get motion sickness so easily… how I wish I could stay afloat without getting gravely ill. It looks so beautiful where you live… with lots of fresh air and open spaces. Enjoy everday of your life my friend… every single day!

    • Bridgette, thanks for saying that, I think I lead a charmed life. Hasn’t always been that way, which makes it more of a blessing. What I wanted to share with you was the picture of my dog for halloween. She doesn’t like clothing and I was sick yester day but I did a goofy drawing on her picture. Cuz what the heck? We laughed. Anyways I couldn’t cut and paste it. Maybe a future post

  3. I envy the brilliant fall colors. Here in south Florida we mostly have green, all year round. And there’s only one day I miss snow, on Christmas. I remember the first snowfalls from my time in the Midwest. It was lovely, but by March, it was not. Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your next favorite season!

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