Walk Across America

As part of a work wellness program, Blue Cross/Blue Shield had a challenge called Walk Across America.  It was a 9 week event and the idea was to get 10,000 steps each day for a total of 630,000 over the entire Challenge.  Participants formed teams and we had weekly updates.  My results are below:


Not only did I hit the goal, but I exceeded it.  And walking that much for 9 weeks, after doing a 4 week challenge in the spring has made my legs tight and strong.

Here are some of the ways I got my steps recently:

bSailing along Narragansett Bay.  I know it seems that I wouldn’t get that many steps sailing, but getting to and from the boat and to and from a restaurant and loading and unloading gave me alot of steps.

IMG_9087  IMG_4857

We had a beautiful day.  The couple that own the boat are old friends and she has RA.  She’s one of my only really close friends with RA and we are on the same meds and I think probably have about the same level of disease activity – which is that we lead busy, active lives and try not to let the RA keep us down.

IMG_1270   IMG_1276

One last Trip to Fenway Park for the last home game of the season.  This involves a lot of walking through the city.  The Red Sox have not had a very good season.  Better luck next year.

With all this walking, I should have lost some weight.  I definitely slimmed up a bit, but all this activity can’t be done without some eating.  And we’ve had some good eating, including a trip Friday night to Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven, CT.  20150925_182318 That was the summer sensation pizza.  Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic and Basil and Mozzarella.  They’ve been making pizza since 1925 and it’s the very best I’ve eaten.  I wish I could say that was all I had……but it wasn’t!

My favorite way to get steps through the entire summer was like this:

abbieOn the bikepath next door with Abbie the Jack Russell.  Those walks should be able to continue until the snow flies!!  Gotta keep my legs in shape for Ski Season?!?

DSC02405It’s coming quickly!!!


4 thoughts on “Walk Across America

    • Yes it would be grest to walk RA right out the door. I need a new knee but I ignore that. To be honest, the only symptom I have from RA is fatigue. The rest of me feels very good. But around now (2:30 pm) the fatigue factor sets in. My sense of concentration disappears and I need a coffee or a change of venue to keep on keeping on.

  1. I love how you’ve been including pictures into your posts- it’s fun to see what other people with RA are doing. Congrats on reaching your goal with walking!!!!! I share your enthusiasm with all of your pictures, especially the pizza:) but you lost me with winter. I am dreading the cold weather.

    • Kim, many people dread winter. I’ve learned to love it, and embrace it. I’m nuts I know but having a winter sport helps in many ways. Movement keeps the endorphins flowing, skiing keeps me active physically and socially. When it starts to snow, I am gleeful. Yes, people hate me for it.

      I’d like to think I’m pretty normal despite my RA. Of course I’ve had it 16 years and it took me a long time to get here. I’m hoping to stay here, but know it’s a crap shoot.

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