What Have I Been Doing?

This Phat54chick has been very busy.  Which is why you haven’t seen any posts from her until this morning.  Today is one of the first days with NOTHING on the agenda in a long time.  And by NOTHING I mean babysitting the grandkids later this afternoon while their parents celebrate their 6th anniversary.

After our visit to Cape Cod earlier this summer, Mr. Phat and I decided to install an outdoor shower.  We thought it would be an easy, inexpensive house upgrade.  It was neither, but worth every penny and sweat equity.  20150907_113222

20150907_113239We had help from a plumber friend who did the plumbing work.  We had help from a carpenter friend with the fencing, but Mr. and I hauled 3 yards of stone – that was bull work over a couple of weekends.  I spent most of a morning staining the fence.  All in all, it’s been a great home improvement and it was fabulous last night to take a shower under the stars.

Image  20150919_095027I needed a shower last night because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in tomatoes.  We got 2 large bushels that I peeled and put in jars and today which I have to put in a water bath for 45 minutes.  Will take all day into tomorrow as I can only do 6 at a time, but I always feel accomplished when done and the freshness of the tomatoes in February is something that can’t be duplicated.   Mr. makes Sunday Gravy on a regular basis for family dinner and these tomatoes are the keystone.

Several weeks ago we celebrated our granddaughter’s first birthday IMG_1111We call her the button, because we say she’s cute as a button.   That weekend we also went to a concert fundraiser at Sergio Franchi’s Estate in Stonington CT.  It’s something we might not have done, but were given tickets.  What an afternoon at the estate listening to his music and viewing his classic car collection.  20150829_152324 20150829_152411

Mr. and I  also had our annual anniversary trip to Fenway Park to celebrate our first date 9 years ago.  I tweeted out a picture of us with #myfenway and Fenway Park obliged by putting us on the jumbotron which made us laugh for the rest of the night.

Image1  We also ventured nearby to the TPC Boston one day with friends and we got to watch the golf pros.  Beautiful day weather wise and my girlfriend and I got to watch our boy crushes.  db Image2

OK, that’s not my girlfriend, that’s Mr.  We had a great day and lot of walking.  Which is what this blog is about  – me, health, RA and staying active.  I’ve had a good number of days with results like this.  Screenshot_2015-09-09-20-29-35I’m still involved with a work challenge for 8 weeks which is 10,000 steps per day.  I’ve managed to keep up and average over 10K steps per day.  That is over in a week, but I will keep up that pace until the snow flies.

I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite end of summer New England images.  I love September because we finally get the chance to be locals and partake of the bounty that is New England – be it seafood or the landscape.

20150916_174055  20150916_180138

Looking forward to Fall!!!


11 thoughts on “What Have I Been Doing?

  1. Wow, I’m so happy to see you had a such a wonderful summer. May you carry all that amazing energy into a spectacular fall. Wishing you a continuing journey of wellness and happiness.

  2. Thanks for sharing your summer with us. Looks like it was busy and fun. I can’t even imagine the amount of energy that goes in canning all of those tomatoes! You go, girl! Love the outdoor shower, but I think I’d prefer an outdoor tub 😀

    • Kim, thanks for your kind words. My journey with RA has has some dark time so I feel blessed to be in a good place and be able to can tomatoes. There were years it didn’t happen.

      Outdoor hot tub would be fabulous!!!! Someday

  3. Happy Sunday morning Leigh… beautiful pictures of you and your family.

    … “the button” must come play with Blu one day. LOL 😀👍

    You look healthy and happy my online friend… and that’s what matters in this life NOT the numbers on a scale.

    U killed with that Fitbit count though! 😝


    • I just read your post to your son. It was beautiful. Well said. Yes, we need to bring the button out for a visit. She gets more personality each time I see her.

      I agree with you. It’s not the numbers on the scale. I haven’t stepped on mine at home in forever cuz it just frustrates me. I’m feeling good, I’m in a good place. Thanks for noticing. I could say the same about you!

      Ok, football. Have a great day!

      • OKAY… I don’t get your sports analogie! SORRY, I know nothing about sports… but as of this morning, I’m down 70 lbs to date (yes 70) and being almost 6 ft tall… U can really tell the weight loss. I feel good and if I might say so myself… look good too! LOL 😝

        What’s left of your weekend… have a good one Leigh.


      • Really? 70 lbs? That is awesome!!!!! I’m so jazzed for you. That’s what you said you were going to do….so very happy for you.

        And yes, I’m a sports junkie!!!

      • 100 lbs is now the new total goal (about 29 lbs) to go now… because Burberry don’t fit right yet! They have a double breasted coat I must have 4 this winter and I’m gonna fit into that damn coat of it kills me. LOL 😀

      • Wow… amazing walking stats Leigh!

        We are all driving up to take my son out to eat for his b’day. Have a good evening.


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