Summer 2015

I just said to Mr. Phat that all things considered, it’s been a great summer.  We are truly blessed living in New England because we have Ocean, Lakes, Mountains and forests and we’ve partaken of all of them this summer.

20150711_105117This picture was from earlier this summer in Franconia, New Hampshire – we walked around Echo Lake and those are the Peabody Slopes at Cannon Mountain.  This is our home away from home.

20150724_13232620150724_173923Then we spent some time during July at Cape Cod.  We had the awesome experience of 4 wheeling on Nauset Beach with our friends and we even stayed and cooked out for dinner.  It was such a fabulous experience.  The water was cold but clean and refreshing.

20150728_142842While we were at the Cape we also spent an afternoon at The Belmont in W. Harwich with my brother and Sister inlaw so we got another Cape Cod Beach perspective.  And another fabulous day.

20150802_105229This is a picture I took 2 weeks ago at East Beach in Charlestown RI.  The very best beach in the world, in my opinion.  90 parking spots and 3.5 miles of beach.  Views to Block Island and Long Island Sound.  This is our “home” beach, and when we go, it’s either 7am or 3pm otherwise you can’t get a parking spot.

20150809_173615Last weekend we had the chance to visit friends in Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire.  They have a house on an island in Meredith and we have an annual night with them at the lake.  It was a gorgeous day and we always have a sunset boat cruise with 4 couples – we’ve been doing this for 20 years.

The Sunset that night was gorgeous.


As it was last night on Narragansett Bay in RI.

20150814_192755We are truly fortunate to have all these natural resources and beautiful places in nature within our grasp.  I’ve been fortunate to be feeling very good this summer.  I have hit 10,000 steps walking almost every single day. Perhaps that has something to do with it as well.  I’ve been involved in 2 walking challenges at work and I’m holding my own.  Blessed indeed.


8 thoughts on “Summer 2015

  1. The sunset is simply breathtaking… sounds like fun-n-the-sun & yes, your life is truly blessed.

  2. Just lovely, lovely, lovely. I’m so glad you’ve had a tremendous summer with family and friends. And that you are feeling well. Here’s wishing your lovely days go on and on and on!

  3. I nominated u 4 something again… since u didn’t do the last one… LOL. I would be very interested in your 5 answers though. DO IT… pretty please.

  4. I know. I failed. Miserably. Sorry. Don’t take it personally – I’ve been really scattered lately and have had a very very stressful situation at work and we are trying to get it resolved, but it’s been difficult. I didn’t mess up – an insurance organization did and I’m left holding the back and answering for their errors and it’s not been fun.

    • Oh sweetie… I’m sorry 2 hear that. As for the dumb challenge, whenever. I hope u get your situation @ work settled and go back to a less stressed existence.
      ~brïdgêtté ➖ always wishing u the best life has 2 offer.

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