On Vacation

Relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

July 25.  Cape Cod.  2 days before I become Phat54Chick.  I’m still phat.  But I am fitter.  I work out regularly, I walk alot!  I’m over 7,000 steps today even though I went to the beach today with Mr Phat, his daughter, son in law and the 2 grandkids.  Managed to get in some steps.  And had a couple beers.

54 means I’m comfortable with myself.  My doctors are happy with my tests and my health.  They are impressed with how active I am. I’m really enjoying this part of my life right now.  Life goes by very quickly.  Lightning speed.  You can’t spend all of it stressing over every little thing.

So I’m out here in Cape Cod, which is God’s country.  Chatham the very center of God’s universe.  Life is good my friends.


10 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. My girl… happy fu*#ing early 54th birthday! 54 is awesome… U don’t give a sh#* about what other people think, do, say… etc. Have a fabulous 54th Leigh. Brïdgêtté

    • Bridgette, thanks so much. It feels good to be here. Have lost 5 people to cancer this year and it hurts. Makes being here so much more special. Ok, gotta get outta bed and start the day with the grandkids!!

      • AGAIN… truly 🎂 Happy Birthday without the profanity… LOL. “I must work on that this year,” NOTE: I was @ a festival w/family drinking margaritas when it typed that!

        *** Don’t drink & respond to blog posts people! Just a FYI… because when u read it later you’ll say “I typed what!?” LOL***

        BUT REALLY… I’m sorry to hear about your friends/and/or family member(s) succumbing to Cancer. As u know, I’m a Cancer Survivor and also have a few friends currently fighting the disease. “SO EVERY DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A WONDERFUL & BLESSED DAY 4 ME LEIGH -and- NEEDS 2 B CELEBRATED.”

        Enjoy your special 🍰 📦 day and your grandchildren. NO ONE could wish OR ask 4 more.

        Your OLF “online friend’ Brïdgêtté

  2. Phat54Chick… I think not, Phat”EverYoung”Chick now that sounds better. NEW BLOG TITLE ANYONE!?

    On another note >>> my youngest sister turns 50 next month & I’ve been giving her PURE hell about it. I can’t believe I’m 54 and my baby sis is going 2 b THE BIG 5 0.

    I don’t fell or act like I’m in my 50’s and herein lies the problem when it comes 2 MEN our age! LOL “THE STORIES I COULD TELL” LOL BRÏDGÊTTÉ.

    54 is great… but I’m only 34 in my head!

    • In my head I’m 32more but my body feels like 82. However I got my 10 steps in today and I ate pretty well.

      I think my baby sis turned 50 last October. Amazing how fast it goes.

      • Yes… time does flys by fast! She’s in denial about the whole turning 50 thing next month. I want to do something special to commemorate her 50th by ordering her an AARP subscription or something AWFUL like dat! LOL 😛😂😄

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