Walk the Rhode Ahead

141,933 steps.  That’s what I’ve taken so far in my Walk the Rhode Ahead challenge from Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  It’s a six week challenge to take 420,000 steps, averaging 10,000 steps each day and 70,000 per week.  I’m on pace, but I get all of today to take steps and gain some steps to put in “the bank.”  Working in the yard has helped, but no matter what, I have to walk for 2 – 3 miles each day to guarantee I hit 10,000.

Speaking of working in the yard, I splurged on a little rolling cart that I can sit on while I pull weeds.  It holds my tools and has a strap to pull it along.  Disregard the cup holders because that’s when I sit on it, there’s no room for drinks.  This is the best tool I’ve purchased for yard work in a long time.  The first time I used it, I was able to comfortably pull weeds for almost three hours!!  This is not an easy feat with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Since being diagnosed years ago with RA, I’ve always maintained that movement is the best medicine.  Sometimes it takes a while to get the legs moving, but once they do, I always feel better!!


5 thoughts on “Walk the Rhode Ahead

  1. You’re right Leigh. We have the exact same one & it is the best thing. We have a deck & every now & then weeds pop up under there. It was a bitch getting under there. My sisters & I all have bad backs. Plus the back of our shirts would be all dirty. Not with our little wheelie cart!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of steps. Congratulations on keeping up the tempo. And that’s a really cute cart. I don’t step a lot anymore, reminds me of yesteryear, pacing hospital floors. I ride my stationary bike. I spin to nowhere. And I agree, movement is the key to keep things fluid.

  3. Congratulations Leigh! My company is doing this now too! I’m a month into a 10,000 step/day goal! I think the walking is as good for my head as it is for my body! Keep moving!

  4. 420,000 steps… WOW! U got this lady! Today is my first day wearing my new FitBit -and- I’m gonna post my results after this comment! U always encourage me to do better Leigh! Brïdgêtté

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