Bleeping Snow!!!

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I live in New England.  I love winter.  Usually.  However, this winter just won’t quit and it’s been a bear.  Or a roly poly penguin wearing a hat and scarf.  The snow blower broke.  Of course we don’t have a truck to transport it for repairs so we’re at the mercy of our friends that let us borrow theirs.  While it was in the shop we had another major snowstorm and had to find someone to plow our driveway. Snow is piled up on the walkways, decks and we only access half our driveway when there is this much snow.

Ice dam?  That’s the new buzz word in New England.  Ice dams occur when ice and snow collect on the edges of our roofs causing a big mess both inside and out.  I have 2 waste baskets and 3 banana bread pans on the window sills in our un heated sun room collecting the water that pours in from the roof line and the windows as a result of ice dams.  It’s ugly and there have been many insurance claims already in the office where I work.

I love skiing and we do it most winter weekends, but this year it’s even been too cold to ski many days.  Two Sundays ago it was -26 at the top of the mountain with 45 mph winds.  I went home.  In fact, I’ve spent most of the winter when I’ve not been working at home.  On the couch.  Watching Netflix.  My fitbit is quiet, the bike path is inaccessible, my body aches from not walking.  My mind misses it too.  Abbie the Jack Russell Terrier misses our walks.

Vacation.  Ours starts this weekend.  Most of you would be jetting to the Carribean, or Florida, right?  Not us.  Where are we going?

Wengen, Switzerland.  The Berghaus.   More snow!  However, it’s 33 degrees there right now, which is MUCH warmer than the -8 at my house this morning.  Sounds balmy.  When we return, daylight savings time will have begun, baseball will be ready to start and I’m going back to training with my girl Cathy at Better Bodies Functional Fitness.  Can spring be far behind?


6 thoughts on “Bleeping Snow!!!

  1. Oh, Leigh! You poor baby. I really feel for you & all your east coast neighbors. Your weather makes all the national & local news. I can’t even imagine. Last year we had a rough winter but nothing compared to what you all are.going through. I don’t mind winter & anyone who knows me will tell you I love a beautiful snow fall but even I would have a hard time dealing with that much snow! I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of you and that the snow will end & melt quickly. Although that could create a whole new set of problems. Oh why did I go there?!?!Anyway I wish you a wonderful, fun, safe vacation. Lord knows you deserve it. Happy skiing!!!!

  2. As you know, my daughter–who grew up in the moderate weather of virginia–is in her first year of college in Maine and she’s like WTF?!?! Hang in there Leigh and make the most of nice weather when it finally arrives!

  3. I am totally feeling your pain. I live in south central PA, and while we certainly didn’t get the amount of snow you did, we did get a lot of snow for us. It seemed like it was snowing every week- which was okay. Until the Siberian air rushed in. I hate cold. 🙂 I am counting down the days until we turn our clocks ahead, that should hold me over until the weather begins to warm up. At least with turning the clocks ahead, we know the end is in sight. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I feel for you. I’m so glad, in a way, my daughter moved to NYC after college in Boston. I can’t believe the amount of snow they’ve had. Still, I don’t know how she takes the winters, she’s Miami born and bred. But I lived up north in my twenties as well and dealt with blizzards, slush and icy roads and she’s my mini-me. That is one beautiful picture. I hope you have a lovely vacation in “warmer” weather.

    • Thanks Irma. I am wishing you good results from you eye issue. I had optic neuritis years ago-they thought I had MS. I didn’t and the neuritis went away but it was disconcerting. Damn auto immune!

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