2015. Another Do over

Another new year gives us another opportunity to break promises we make to ourselves.  Ok, let’s be real.  It’s another opportunity for Me to break the commitments I make to myself.  Better fitness, more Me time, less stress and better eating. Since I started this blog that’s what I keep telling myself I need to do.  And each year I fail to maintain my commitments. I KNOW my body would respond better if I lost weight, ate better and kept moving.  I know that RA is kept at bay when there is less stress.  I know my immune system acts better when I don’t let the job stress get to me.

I’m a control freak of sorts.  Except when it comes to my own self.  I can always rationalize overeating and over drinking and skiping activity.  As a matter of fact it’s my trademark.

So let’s see what 2015 brings for me. To be truthful, my primary goal this year is to figure out my career.  I need to grow my business a bit.  Not a lot.  Just a little.  Five to eight percent.  That might reduce some of the stressful feelings I have about my job.  I’ve realized I need to work smarter.  RA zaps my energy and gets in the way of peak performance.

I hope you readers will point out my rationalizations and excuses.

Happy 2015New Years Eve Eve


3 thoughts on “2015. Another Do over

  1. Love your first sentence because it’s so true! For two years I’ve promised myself to lose the extra 20 pounds and I’ve only lost two of them. Guess it’s better than none, but I have renewed the promise to myself. I was way more energetic 20 pounds ago. Here’s to meeting our goals!

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