Moving on

Today was one of those bitter sweet days.  I had a number of good things interspersed with a couple of bad things and it left me not knowing how I felt about the day overall.  First, I had two meetings at my office.  I’ve worked at my current company for about 15 days short of 25 years.  We were acquired and this office is closing as of Thursday and I move to another office and employer starting Friday morning.  I got my marching orders today, and was told which group I will be working with.  Although I’m not going to be with any of the people from my current company, I’m optimistic with my new assignment.

Also good was the conversation I had with my long time boss, someone I considered a mentor over the years.  We’d had a rough go since the acquisition and I felt like today we cleared the air and I got to thank him for putting up with me and supporting me for almost 25 years.  I have to admit I felt really good after that conversation, but I had a lump in the throat.  The fact that I’ve stayed there for 25 years truly shows what a special place it was to work.  I will miss it.

Then I went over to the new office for my weekly weight watchers meeting. That was sad. My weight was up.   I really felt like I was good this week – I counted my points pretty carefully and while I didn’t hit the gym, I had almost 5 hours of walking this week.  I truly felt despondent and discouraged with today’s result.

But then I got shown my new office and it’s very nice, spacious, with a window and nice furniture.  Brought in a few boxes and will be proud to show up there for work on Friday. Hopefully this next work chapter will be a satisfying one.

I then spent an  hour with Cathy, my trainer/bitch.  Amazing how out of shape I felt after missing the past 2 weeks while sick.  But we’re back on track and I’ll be better next week.  Also the Red Sox won tonite.  So all in all, I guess the good outweighed the bad today.  I am doubling up my efforts to count every morsel of food I eat this week, drink my 8 glasses of water, and continue to exercise like I have been.  Oh, and perhaps quit eating the carbs that aren’t fruit.  Those are a killer.

Crap.  Pizza lunch tomorrow at work.  The final lunch.  See, I never can win.


One thought on “Moving on

  1. Hey Leigh – Miss WW here – don’t forget that you were very sick, probably on more meds than you normally take and flat on your back. Ignore what the scale says – and go with what you body feels. Not uncommon for the scales to be slow keeping up with how you feel so try not to stress about it. On the good side, so glad you are comfortable with the move to the new office and new team. Change can be a wonderful thing.

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