Wine is a fruit, right?

If wine is a fruit, then I had 4 servings last night while out with some girlfriends.  I had been shut in the house for 10 days being sick and it was my first night out and the wine tasted so good and the company was terrific.  These were grade school friends; the three of us had experienced divorce after age 40 so we traded stories over wine and salads.  It was just so pleasant that the wine just tasted so good and I wanted it to keep flowing.

Of course I just tracked it in my weight watchers points tracker.  I was honest about it as well.  The wine was 20 points toward my daily 28 points.  So my indulgence cut into my weekly extra allowance.  Fortunately I have a low key weekend planned and plan on some exercise – which gives me some points back.  So when I got home from work this afternoon, the dog and I went out on an hour long hike in the woods.  It was a warm, crisp fall day – perfect for a hike.

I also wanted to report on my Tuesday weigh in.  I missed last week’s as I was so sick,so this was my first since starting and I was down 4 pounds.  I was happy with that – it’s hard to behave when you’re sick.  I actually struggled because I wasn’t eating all my points every day and WW really wants you to eat them every day.

Good, I still have 8 points left for today!!!


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