Tuesdays are my weigh in day.  I don’t have a functioning scale at home – mine needs a battery and I haven’t purchased one because I don’t want to deal with the frustration of the scale right now.  In the past I would step on the scale every morning and naturally it fluctuated every day which frustrated me beyond belief.

So I decided that for the first 3 months, I would weigh in only on Tuesdays at the office during my WW meeting.  I was pretty jazzed over the weekend because I had been very good with my points and had some leftover this week, and hadn’t even touched my activity points.

My efforts will have to wait until next Tuesday.  I’ve been flat on my sick bed with some ailment – cold, flu, allergies, RA flare.  I don’t know.  All I know is that when I don’t want coffee or food, it means I’m sick!

It also means that I have an appointment with my primary care doctor tomorrow, even though I just saw him last week for a check up.  My body doesn’t fight bacterial or viral infections by itself.  My RA meds suppress my immune system, and enbrel in particular promotes bad sinus infections.  I’ve smartened up about calling the doctor sooner, rather than later because even if I think I’ll feel better tomorrow, or want to, I never do without something to help me kick it out of me.

So back to tracking my points and hoping for good results next week!!  Stay healthy!


4 thoughts on “Tuesdays

  1. Just stay healthy and don’t worry about the weigh in – it will be what it will be and slow and steady works so much better for this journey. Just get better.

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