Spaghetti Squash??

So I started weight watchers on Tuesday.  Wednesday night Mr. Phat had planned a celebration dinner in honor of his daughter’s wedding anniversary.  This means a big pot of gravy and something hearty and italian.  He decided on Chicken parm and his favorite, macaroni.

I knew that I would have to do some damage control, so on Tuesday evening I shopped for the chicken breast and bought a spaghetti squash.  I got home and while unpacking the groceries, Mr. asks “what’s that?”  “Well I’m going to have that with your gravy tomorrow night.”  “You mean you’re not having Macaroni?”  “I thought I would make the squash for dinner.”

Again he asks “You mean you’re not having macaroni?”  How dare I.  Well when step daughter arrived she was excited because she’d never had spaghetti squash before but had bought one to try.  I showed her how to cook an scrape the strands out and to be honest, it was tasty and crunchy and satisfied me Wednesday night with my parm-less chicken breast.  The grandson gobbled up the squash as well.  It’s definitely something that I will cook again on Italian dinner day.  Besides, the squash is ZERO WW points and I’d rather have that and a glass of wine than macaroni and no wine.  Priorities!!

Otherwise, no complaints with WW.  We all know that it takes planning and forethought.  Last night’s dinner was a long ago planned outing to Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven Ct.  Their coal fired pizza is legendary and one of my favorite foods.  I didn’t feel like I was cheating while eating it because I had planned for it all week.

I’ll let you know how I do come Tuesday when I have my second weigh in.  Until then, Go Red Sox!


2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Squash??

  1. Have had bad RA for a while. Was diagnosed w/ diabetes in Feb.& had to change what I ate
    No: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes etc. drink only water. Went from 280 to 205. My RA is much better especially my knees. Hang in there 50chick I got your back. I knew I liked you!

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