St. Patty’s Day

It’s St. Patty’s day and it’s a low key day here.  No big celebrations as we just returned Friday night from a 2 week vacation to Switzerland.  What a fabulous time we had – it’s a beautiful country and I love visiting.  This is the view from the balcony of our hotel in Wengen which is in the Jungfrau Region.


Beautiful isn’t it?  We extended our stay for 2 days after our group left to visit with a old high school friend of mine who has lived in Switzerland for about 30 years.  She went as an au pair years ago, stayed when she met her husband and has raised her family there.  We have kept in touch and visited either there or in the States when we could.

What I took home from my visit was the total quality of life in Switzerland.  They emphasize family time and meal time far more than we do.  They exercise – it’s part of their daily life – walking, biking and hiking.  While we were skiing, there were many that were hiking the walking trails aside the ski slopes.  They have these wonderful meals – fresh produce, meats and pastas, with beer and wine as well.  And dessert!  Perfectly portioned and with the exercise that they include in their day – they are almost all fit.


Drive thru’s don’t exist.  Coffee in paper cups is rare, although with the proliferation of Starbucks, that is starting to change.  However, the Swiss relish their coffee and they take the time to sit and have a cup and relax with friends or coworkers.  They take 60-90 minutes for lunch and leave their office.  This gives them a renewed work ethic when they come back for the afternoon.  And don’t get me wrong – they appear to work very hard. There is no slacking off here.

It all just stacks up to a charmed life.  Even our friends that we visited with said that they are blessed and have a terrific lifestyle.  I sure would love to try to emulate their way of life and Mr. Phat and I both want to try to implement one of two of their habits into our lives.  I want to include more daily exercise, more fresh fruits and vegetables and perfectly proportioned meals.


See you on the slopes!!


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