New Year’s Resolution


Where have I been? Well as you can see, I’ve been busy.  My favorite season is finally here!  December was a brutally busy month – it’s always a tough work time because my office is so busy working commercial insurance renewals and this year seemed tougher to get competitive pricing from underwriters.  We also had a big event with my step son-in-law finishing at the academy and becoming a State Trooper.  We’re very proud of his achievements.

Also December is Mr. Phat’s birthday so I had a small dinner party one weekend, and then of course there’s Christmas.  By New Year’s Eve, Mr. and I had done enough entertaining and socializing, we ended up sitting alone in our house with some dinner and champagne. It was, by far, the funnest evening of the month.  We sat together and giggled together all evening – went to bed and woke up to watch the ball drop.

As a rule, I don’t make resolutions.  I’m not very good at keeping them.  However, this year I did make a small resolution regarding my office and my job.  That one I will be able to stick to as it’s just a slight behaviour change – nothing big.  In addition, I had some unexpected help in the “getting healthy” department from Mr. Phat who decided to try out something he read about in Men’s Health online.  He’s doing 30 days of drinking strictly ice water.  Which is so big for him because he loves Pepsi and when he thinks he’s had too much of that, he switches over to juice or vitamin water.  I suspect he consumes 500 – 700 empty liquid calories per day.  So I’m doing it along with him, although I cheat with black coffee in the AM, and did have 4 glasses of wine this weekend.

Plus, I had 2 weeks off from the trainer due to the holidays.  But that all ends tomorrow afternoon when I head back in for some more butt kicking.  Wish me luck 😉



4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

      • Yet????? You will never give up. Why?
        I won’t let you
        You see the benefit of working out
        It has improved your quality of everyday movements
        You would miss me
        And…..I won’t let you
        Love you,
        The Bitch – Trainer – Cathy

  1. Folks – that’s the woman that beats me up every week at the gym Cathy the Bitch. My trainer. She kicked my butt today. I know that my triceps and biceps are going to hurt for 5 days. Hurts so good. 2013 is going to be a good year. This I know.

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