Lifestyle change

Everything that I read says that I’m doing this the correct way.  Eat less fat.  Move more.  Make better choices.  This is not for the short term, this is a lifestyle change.  This is forever.  I will have to hit the gym a couple times a week forever.  I need to have planned food cheats forever.  I need to think about everything I eat and drink before consuming.

In support of my pattern of making better choices, I had a telling day yesterday.  It wasn’t my best morning – I had a disappointing result at my job and that made me sad and upset. It was one of those days that makes you want to say screw it and to heck with all the goodness.  I hadn’t slept the night before and was tired.  At 3pm I called Mr. Phat and said that I couldn’t decide about the gym.  I was feeling so lousy, I wanted to just come home and hang.  He didn’t let me.  He reminded me “you know how good you feel after the gym no matter what.  Go to the gym and I’ll cook dinner for when you come home.”

I dragged my ass to the gym for class at 5pm.  Which is hard on a Friday.  But I did it, I participated and said “screw it” to the disappointing day.  All is forgotten and today is a new day and Monday will be a new day at work.  I also love the way my body feels the day after a hard workout.  It’s sore and always reminding me that I DID work out.  Do you know that feeling?

I found a photo from last Christmas


And this is from a few weeks ago:


I know I see a difference. Do you?

Thank you Mr. Phat for pushing me to go to the gym and Thank You, Cathy for giving me the push when I get there!!

5 thoughts on “Lifestyle change

  1. Wow!!! You look fabulous, Leigh!!! A great way to motivate yourself, looking at pictures taken a year ago. And there on your lap in picture number 2 the best reason of all for staying young and healthy!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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