Kicking it up while kicking my butt!!

I showed up at the gym today, with my ass dragging.  Last day of anti biotics and it’s raining and that always makes me hurt.  I also missed my RA meds last week because I was sick which means I hurt more than normal.  Captain Cathy comes down, all pumped up from the seminar she went to last week about running a gym like hers. I always get nervous when she has been to a seminar because it means new things!!  She grilled me (in a good way!) about why I’m there, am I getting the results I want and going forward what do I expect.

Then she let me know her expectations.  She wants to kick it up a bit with my training and work through some of the issues with my knee and not overcompensate for them, but rather push me through them.  Like I always kick the right leg out to the side when raising it, instead of just raising it.  Yeah, until today when she stood with a pole next to the leg, preventing me from kicking to the side.  She gave me quite a bit of core work which is what I told her I would like to see.

I worked harder today.  I didn’t give up on the moves as soon as I’ve been doing.  I think that I’ve been expecting that I would get results even if I just went through the motions.  Today was different.  It was more work, more pushing and I have to tell you that I can feel it all now, but it’s a good feeling.

I might not think so in the morning.  I will report back to you.


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