Son of Sandy and Cipro

I liked that graphic because it looks like my medicine cabinet.  Sadly.  Weeks like this are when RA disrupts my life most of all.  Sore throat started over the weekend and I knew I was doomed.  By Monday I had a full fledged cold – took some over the counter meds and pushed thru the day.  Tuesday morning I knew that I wasn’t going to get rid of this bacterial infection without some help.  The meds I take suppress the immune system and although I didn’t do the metho on Monday and I won’t do Enbrel today, I know that this will fester in my system without an anti biotic.  My initial appointment with my primary care doc I had to cancel last minute on Tuesday because of an important client meeting that went long.  I saw him yesterday, by this time with full fledged congestion and coughing.

Ciprofloxacin, aka Cipro.  If it sounds familiar it was newsworthy when the anthrax attacks were prevalent because it was prevent or treat anthrax.  So I’m safe this week.  But taking an antibiotic takes it’s toll on my already fatigued body.  I came home from work a bit early yesterday to rest and today just couldn’t get out of bed.  Good call, since my office has no power or heat due to the Nor’easter that blew through here last night.  We got several inches of snow and the winds are still whipping.  So I’m happy to sit here, in front of the woodstove, take my cipro and watch the world go by.


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