Sandy and other things

What a tragic and devastating storm.  My body ached and I was so fatigued from this past  weekend thru yesterday.  Low barometric pressure does that do my body and when the weather reported the lowest barometer readings ever, I believed it.  On Sunday I didn’t do much – I didn’t have it in me.  Mom and I had gone to Boston on Saturday to a show, did some walking and I did the driving  and I was wiped out.  So Sunday was spent hanging out, reading and watching football.  RA does that sometimes.  It forces you to do kick back and catch your breath.

Far more tragic and devastating than my personal pain is the damage and loss of property and lives.  Living in RI, we were prepared for another Irene where we were out of power for  6 days.  However, our power didn’t even flicker.  Some of the coastal areas of RI are ugly – houses off foundations and beach sand on the streets and beaches eroded.  But all in all, we were lucky when you look at NJ and NY.  I’ve been glued to the news and it’s just heart wrenching.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is suffering from loss of any kind as a result of Sandy.

My step daughter has no power, which means she has no water.  Or heat.  With a 6 month old baby, that’s not good, so they’ve been staying with us.  Which brings a smile to my face, and should to yours.

Happy Halloween!!


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