Much of the two weeks since I’ve posted was my fall vacation.  We drove from RI to S. Carolina to visit my brother and wife who relocated there a year ago.  I’m not usually a fan of long car rides – it can wreck havoc on my joints.  However that didn’t happen.  I didn’t feel as though my RA was adversely affected by the drive.  We did a lot of walking, which is good because vacation can also be about eating.

My brother fancies himself an amateur chef and he likes to smoke meats.  When we arrived, the Weber kettle was on the driveway with a pork shoulder smoking away on it.  That was good for 2 days of meals, and in between we did go out to watch the Patriots/Denver duel, which meant really bad food – chicken wings, calzones and pizza.  I skipped the beer and wine that day.

Tuesday morning, Mr. Phat and I set out for Charleston for a mini getaway.  I didn’t realize what a food mecca Charleston is.  Fabulous food scene and a number of well known chefs cut their teeth there, including Tyler Florence.   There is a great eat local movement there and we had lunch at Husk which is foremost in that category.  Award winning Chef Sean Brock insists that his ingredients be local or he makes it himself. While my cheeseburger was delicious, I can’t say that I exactly warmed up to the recommended Fried Pigs Ear Lettuce Wraps.  I managed to eat one, but then thought of my dogs ear and just couldn’t do anymore.

In addition, we ate at Slightly North of Broad which was my favorite.  The ambiance and decor was lovely and the restaurant was quiet!! Carpeting and upholstered chairs muffled the loud sounds that you get in many other contemporary restaurants. 

View to the kitchen at Slighty North of Broad

I tried to be good with my food choices for most of the week.  I had several meals of fish over greens which was delicious and satisfying.  We did a lot of walking all over the city and did walk 9 holes of golf on Friday carrying clubs.

However, on our last night in SC, my brother took us to the fried fish house nearby – Captain Steve’s.  It was pure gluttony – more hush puppies than you need, large portions of fried shrimp, flounder, catfish – you name it, if is swims and can be fried, they serve it here.  With french fries, onion rings and, of course, more hush puppies.

When in Rome….I had my fish fried.

Needless to say, I have blown up like a tick between the food, booze and salt.  My pants were tight later in the week.  Starting today I was back to egg white omelette for breakfast – salad with a cup of pasta for lunch and Mr. Phat just put chicken in the oven to roast.  I’m flushing my system with plenty of water and No beer or wine.  Which is very hard while watching football.

Fried Pigs Ear Lettuce Wraps at Husk

I’m back at it and hitting the gym once again with the *itch on Tuesday.  She’s already been looking for me.

Mr. Phat and I enjoying our mini vacation

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2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Welcome back lady… it looks like you & Mr. Phat had a wonderful time. I have such a simple palette when it comes to food >>> so I had to actually lookup Crispy Pig Ear Wraps online because I did not know the actual ingredients in the dish. Its actually (as you know) “the pigs ears” deep-fried in strips, tossed with a diabolically spicy sauce made with Husk’s own aged-for-a-year hot sauce and served with lettuce wraps. WOW… I don’t know if I could eat that as well Leigh. Happy Monday & welcome back from your fabulous/fun culinary adventure filled mini getaway! Bridgette 🍕

    • I’m excited to hear your big announcement today. Right – it is today? I am still home today – I don’t return to the office until tomorrow, although the smart phone is right next to me and I’ve already checked messages. Going to finish my fall exchange of clothes. I live in a small house and so I have to store out of season clothes in the basement. NOt only that, but I have too many clothes of different sizes and I always say that next year they’ll fit me. Not!!!! But when I do this again next time, if they don’t fit – they’re going out.
      Have a great day and I can’t wait for your announcement. Leigh

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