Battling Ropes and The Boy

This is a good representation of the workout class I went to yesterday at Better Bodies Functional Fitness.  Other than a couple of Zumba classes, I haven’t been to a group fitness class since I don’t remember.  Very nervous that I’d look feeble but other than being unable to kneel and battle with my ropes, I was pretty able to do every move.  And I did.  Fun class – more fun (if that’s what you want to call it) than I expected and the other women in the class were pleasant and friendly.  One of them also referred to our instructor  as “bitch” which is my pet name for her.  So I felt very comfortable.

Hit the hot tub when I got home and felt great last night, I slept very well and today I feel a bit achy, but accomplished.  I know this working out is good for me, for my RA and I feel my muscles tightening up and my legs, arms and core are getting slimmer.  Slowly.  But it’s working.  As a matter of fact, I went to Chico’s yesterday, tried on 5 pairs of pants and ALL of them fit.

Good thing I rested well last night because today was the first babysitting gig for Mr. Phat and I.  His mom had a bridal shower nearby so we had the honor of taking care of him for a few hours.  What a joy he was too.  He was happy to be here with us, put his toys in his mouth, smile and gurgle.

The Boy

Life is good, my friends.  Enjoy your weekend.


2 thoughts on “Battling Ropes and The Boy

  1. What a cuttieee… I’m sure you & Mr. Prat were in heaven babysitting. “I would be.” I love Chico’s but haven’t been for years since my weight gain but I’ll get into Chico’s wonderful cloths again one day. I know your movement is helping your RA. Just keep going & it will all payoff in the end. Bridgette. 🎃👻🍂🍁👿

    • You know Bridgette – I realized tonite that I don’t fall anymore. I used to fall on a regular basis, but I think working out has helped that alot…..Had another busy one today and then dinner with the little man again. How great. NOw I have to go to bed because I’m TIRED!!!


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