Making Strides for Breast Cancer

It’s that time of year again.  Yes, everything goes Pink!!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Since meeting Mr. Phat in 2006, the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk has become a cause that I have embraced.  This is my 6th year walking in the event and it’s Mr. Phat’s 20th time.  His first walk was 1993 with his wife who was fighting breast cancer.  She passed away 10 months later, but Mr. Phat has continued to support the cause with help from his daughter and friends and family from all over. 

2011 Making Strides Walk

We go to a number of events over the course of the year for the local American Cancer Society and it’s always funny because Mr. Phat is always the sole male “Pacesetter” which always makes me smile and love him more for doing this.    

2011 Pacesetters!

I couldn’t be prouder of him for continuing to participate.  Perhaps many in his shoes might have lost their enthusiasm for the cause, but he continues to participate each year and wouldn’t think of missing it.  It’s one of those events that just makes you feel damn good when you do it!!!   This year we’re walking in honor of our grandson Landon.  Because that’s what this is all about – raising funds to help research so that there will be more birthdays.  The link to my page is below in case you would like to participate as well!!   

Papa C and Landon


6 thoughts on “Making Strides for Breast Cancer

  1. That’s so wonderful you & Mr. Phat both participate in this event annually together. My daughter has participated in the walks since my breast cancer diagnosis 3 years back. One goal that I’ve promised myself 2 keep is to do a walk for Breast Cancer next October because all of this weight will be off my body. I’m eating my chicken noodle soup & crackers. I’m so tired that my workout post will have 2 wait until tomorrow. I’m watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because I’m in love with Mos Def. I am in heaven right now and hope to put this day behind me. “Was that 2 much info.” If none of this makes SENCE it’s because I’m about 2 pass the fuck out. Bridgette

  2. OK Bridgette – I’m going to hold you to it and stay on your ass until I see you posting on your blog that you’re walking for Breast Cancer awareness etc next year!!! I didn’t know Mos Def and has to google him and he’s very fine.
    Never too much info. I had one of those days today and my trainer posted a video of me boxing today to get rid of the angst of the day!!!

    • Bridgette

      you have a great weekend as well. i did a.class at the gym tonite…..awesome! I got this thing down. Relaxing. grandson tomorrow. Life is good! C u monday. unless I find you on twitter first!

      • LOL… I promise NO TWITTER THIS WEEKEND! Bridgette. To much in actual life to do! However, I’m kinda addicted 2 Twitter… BIG SMILE!

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