Post Workout

Yes – Today was Tuesday, so that means I go to Better Bodies Functional Fitness for my weekly butt whipping.  I got there early today so I got about 20 minutes on the spin bike, then Cathy did some measurements of my movement to see where she needs to concentrate on, and then she started working it!!  Who thought that bending over and moving across the ground like a gorilla would hurt so much?  How about balancing on one knee and one foot?  Yes, my core needs some help – hell, it needs a lot of help.  But I will get there.  I need to continue to do more core workouts in between my weekly visits to BBFF!!

Here I am post workout.  Beat.  Soaking wet with sweat. Winded, but feeling accomplished.

I also want to thank my friends that comment and post when I check in at the gym on Tuesdays – it always makes me feel good to know that I have people rooting for me.

The other part of my body that needs work are my quads and my glutes.  You see, ski season is coming and I treated myself this weekend:

Looking forward to tearing it up on the slopes with these babies!!!  So I gotta keep whipping my butt into shape.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!


3 thoughts on “Post Workout

  1. WOW… what a workout! I’m so impressed Leigh because what keeps me going is your determination & resilience for better health / fitness. Great job lady! Bridgette

    • Bridgette – thanks so much for your words of support!!! I know you are climbing a higher mountain than I am and you do it with much dedication. I admire that very much and if I help with your determination, then so be it!!! Better health and fitness for the both of us in 2013!!

  2. It is clients like you that keep me so motivated as a Trainer and Gym Owner. Your dedication to Better Health and Fitness is what will make you reach you goal. You are already getting stronger and your overall health is improving. We will keep progressing with your workouts and before you know it, you will be on the slopes skiing better than you ever have.

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