So my blogger friend Bridgette at posted some photos of her youthful self.  Including one in a huge afro, which she said was dyed red.  After asking her if she was trying to be Bozo, she challenged me.  Well I’m not really psyched to do this, but it does prove that I’ve not had weight issues all of my life….just probably from about high school on.  

This was the grown out pixie cut.

Slightly longer haircut with both a red headband and a red bow in the back!! I was something else

Headband again. Pin curls that my hair challenged mother did. Thanks Mom!!!

So Bridgette – it’s not a red afro.  In fact, it’s pretty sad.  My mother has very thin hair and she admits to not being good with hair.  It showed in my youth – I’ve got far more photos I could show you that are pretty bad.  I think I took control in high school at some point and there still were some bad hairdos – but ultimately the good overtook the bad and I never did the pixie cut again!!

My sister is thin and cute, but she go Mom’s thin hair.  I got the phat hair and the phat body.  It all works out, doesn’t it??


10 thoughts on “Youth

  1. OMG… girl you know you’re killing it in that blue flowered dress. They are not bad photos “what you talking about Willis?”… you are a little cutie. I love the one in the blue dress & flowers and your little hair is flipped up like Marlo Thomas in the tv show That Girl. REMEMBER THAT SHOW? I like…thanks for posting even though I had 2 twist your arm to get it done! Your Online Friend… Bridgette

    • You’ll be That girl!!! Of course I remember That Girl!! Who didn’t want to be That Girl!! Or Mary Tyler Moore? Remember? You could have your own apartment and put your initial on the wall like she did?

      The hairstyle was courtesy of my mom. Those were the pincurls I mentioned to you. It’s still stick strait, but mousse, gel etc are great helpers!!!

  2. I should retweet these on my Twitter account! Maybe I will and maybe I won’t… we’ll just have 2 wait and see! Bridgette

      • The reason we click “I THINK” is probably can’t no one else stand our Alpha type personalities. People generally don’t like me after they get to know me. I’m a little OCD and have 2 control every damn thing. It gets to be a little much @ times & my family wishes I’d move overseas. 🙂 Bridgette

      • I walked the babies for about 45 minutes and by running I meant just a lot on my plate today. I also got my colonoscopy results today @ the hospital and I have ulcers in my stomach and inflammation of the colon… whatever that means BUT no colon cancer “thank god.”. I know the ulcers are stress induced. Bridgette

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