Labor Day Hike

Today’s exercise spot

After a nice weekend of beaching it and entertaining, we decided to go for a little walk.  I suggested a little spot to Mr. Phat and we changed up and headed out for a little walk.  We even brought the dog, not knowing that they weren’t allowed.  When we spotted the signs that said No Dogs, we decided to trudge on nonetheless.  We were there and what harm could a 16 pound dog do to the trail.

Abbie, the hiking dog

It’s about a half mile walk into the main trail – which is a three mile trek over the river and thru the woods, over hill and over dale.  We trekked and it was more of a hike than I expected, but it felt really good.  It felt especially good to finish!! I also know that a year ago, I would never have finished this hike.  Probably never attempted it!!

True to it’s roots – I labored on Labor Day.  Now I’m looking forward to a dip in the hot tub to sooth my achy knees.  Happy Labor Day to all of you.



2 thoughts on “Labor Day Hike

  1. Good… you got some exercise in for the day. Abbie is so cute but I’ve stated that before. You have a real dog, I’ve got two little fake doggies but we love them just the same. Bridgette

  2. Since I’m NOT watching “football” nor exercising… I decided 2 come over 2 see what you were doing/saying on your blog! However… what you r not doing is posting anything new for me 2 read. “I CAN’T WAIT FOR THOSE 1st GRADE PICTURES of LITTLE LEIGH.”

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